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What is the Earn Your Story Series?

Everyone falls, the ones that get back up and try again learn a valuable lesson, that persistence is key. If someone wants anything in life having set backs will be part of the process. Learning how to coop with the brief feeling of failure will allow for a positive progression. 

The Earn Your Story Series was created to inspire others to follow the pursuits they seek out. We do this through highlighting individuals that coincide with the recipe for success. 

“When you’re pushing your limits, it is really important to have gear you can trust”

Meet Talus Turk.

Who is Talus?

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Talus Turk has used his bicycle to express his creativity since a young age. At the age of four he transitioned from three wheels to two, since then he has become an avid, hotshot mountain biker.

Bellingham is well-known for being a world class mountain biking destination. On the edge of town lies Galbraith mountain. A dream haven for any mountain biker, offering 65 miles of primo singletrack.

The first time he went mountain biking was with his mom on Galbraith. They got lost, had no food or water and it was getting dark. When they made it back safely, Talus knew he found a new passion. He was hooked on the feeling biking in the woods provided.

Quickly, Talus explored everything involving mountain biking; discovering new trails felt like exploring the world, riding with all his closest buddies, peer pressure set in and he started overcoming the fear of going off jumps.

Talus engulfed himself in biking, learning everything he could about maintenance, having the right gear and tools, learning new tricks and how to bail when a fall was inevitable.


How To Learn New Mountain Bike Tricks?

Normalizing fears is easier said then done. Especially when it comes to soaring through the air on two wheels knowing that it'll be an uncomfortable landing if something goes wrong.

Talus suggests starting small, focus on short term goals. He learned that:

“You know you’re going to fail, you just need to keep trying until you succeed. The more you push yourself in mountain biking, especially on short term goals, you will learn how to crash & how to get up to try again.”

Talus promptly found similarities between mountain biking and other fears he had in his life. From applying to college, getting work done around the house everyday or seeking out relationships with friends; he has realized not feeling intimidated is a foundational attribute for achieving ones ambitions.

Trying something new can be scary. Everything is balance, mountain biking is no different; from falling to landing the new trick. The expectation is to apply consistent attempts towards a goal in order to accomplish it.

Tips for Going Bike Riding For the First Time:

  • Prepare your gear, route and body
  • Plan around good weather and time of day
  • Consider bringing a hydration pack, snacks and handy tools
  • Find your balance
  • Remember to have fun!

Good preparation and planning will allow anyone the ability to experience the world of two-wheel, human powered travel. 

“Great big world out there -- not going to see it from the couch”

Biking is great because practically anyone can do it, anywhere. The difference between an enjoyable bike ride and a miserable one roots in the preparation before even starting to pedal.

Plan around good weather & map a route.

Dancing in the rain is fun, but biking in a downpour can trend toward dangerous. Make sure to check the forecast and take into account when the sun is setting if you are riding late afternoon. The first time out you may want to map a conservative route close to home. Allow yourself to get used to the gear before pushing your limits.

Things to Bring

Bringing a hydration pack and snacks will keep your internal gears moving. Spare parts such as: spare tube & pump, allen wrench set, tire lever and first-aid kit help to be prepared. Make sure you have access to a phone in case of emergency. Oh ya, do not forget a helmet!

Finding Balance

“Biking is a great way to get rid of stress.”

“So much can go wrong when you’re mountain biking.” 

Both are true and Talus lives by both. He stresses the need to be prepared. “Be ready to stop yourself or accelerate based upon what the trail is providing. Always being present when you’re riding provides the ability to adapt to split second decisions as they happen in real time.”

This is the freedom that makes Talus feel “Awesome” after a long day riding in the mountains.

This Sunday, October 4th, we catch up with Talus Turk on our YouTube Channel.

Join us as Talus tours us around Galbraith mountain, lays out some big airs and brings us behind the scenes on learning a new trick!




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