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Happy Thanksgiving from Trayvax!

This year has been anything but easy for our company as a whole. If you have been following along you know we had to shut down the warehouse operations in late May. We were set back by 1,000s of orders when we opened back up the first week of June. 

When we started up warehouse operations again we were forced to innovate new ways to create the same products. Before the pandemic our warehouse was filled with 40+ people routinely creating, constructing and shipping out product. We were reduced to about ten employees in the warehouse daily. In June we implemented a new system for employees to work from home building wallets, keychains and other EDC gear.

By August, the new systems were working and we were able to catch up on shipping times, make more products available and bring back personal engravings. We apologize for any customers that experienced the long shipping delays during these times. 

We launched a new product to our Own the Very Best collection line, the trayvax carabiner. The carabiner is built out of the same frame we use to create our Contour wallets. Made from the most durable materials we designed every millimeter with purpose in mind. Find endless uses for the custom cut carabiner in your everyday carry kit.

This challenge hit us hard at first. With the help from you, our incredible customer base, we would have not made it! We appreciate everyone who supports American manufacturing. We are grateful for overcoming hardships and thankful for the continued support.


For the NEXT 72 HOURS we will be running our annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale. This year we are changing it up a bit and running the deal for the ENTIRE WEEKEND! In years past we would only offer the deal on those two specific days. Share this with a friend and do not miss out.

BFCM Deals:

-Free Summit Promotion(with order over $20)

-Buy One Get One(BOGO) 50% OFF

-$2 Engravings on select items.

For terms and conditions please visit our Black Friday Deals Page





Brian Z - Trayvax Content Creator


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