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Holiday Gifts That Last a Lifetime

The week leading up to Thanksgiving each year sparks a holiday cheer in the air. Decorations and lights are hung up on the exterior of houses, the shopping centers are playing holiday music and the turkeys are prepped for the upcoming holiday. With the season of joy comes the desire to create a gift list of everyone you will be buying for this holiday season.

Everyone on your list deserves a present that will last. Gifting a present should show how much you care about that person, it is a representation of your relationship with them. From everyone at Trayvax, we hope you enjoy your holidays this season.

What should I get [insert special person in your life] this holiday season?

Let’s face it, 2020 has been anything but easy. Shopping holiday presents does not have to be hard. Each year there is that trendy gift everyone is talking about, a new video game, the newest Apple watch or game consoles. These gifts have a time clock associated with them. They are products that are designed to have an end date.

At Trayvax, we pride ourselves in knowing that we create timeless products that are regularly tested to outlast a minimum of 65 years. The trayvax contour makes for a great gift idea for any man in your life. We back all of our products with our heirloom warranty. 

Gift Ideas They Will Use Forever

Make sure to capitalize on our Black Friday deals lasting the entire weekend until Cyber Monday.Full details listed below.

Trying to find the perfect Trayvax product can be difficult if you know the person loves EDC gear. We created this best men’s wallet buying guide to help spark some ideas for how they would be using the product. Other everyday carry items like the Trek Knife, Keydex and Link EDC Lanyard are great additions to anyone who already has a Trayvax wallet.

Whichever gift you decide on from Trayvax - consider an engraving to specialize itLaser engraving cuts into the layers of metal, leather or stainless steel without removing excess material, maintaining resistance to corrosion. Our full grain leather is perfect for customizing a permanent marking that will last a lifetime. Look for the “ENGRAVE IT” button at checkout.

Others Who Found the Perfect Gift

We do not want to just take our word for it. We have over 33,000 reviews as of today and counting. Words do not describe how thankful we are for the recognition from our customers.

Check out what this verified buyer had to say about his new trayvax wallet!


Major news outlets have recognized the trend in strong and durable everyday carry gear that they wrote articles on some of the best. We are honored to be featured in:

The best minimalist wallet for 2020 -CNET

“Trayvax's Armored Summit Wallet delivers an appealing combination of ruggedness and extra features at a reasonable price point.”

The Incredible Shrinking Wallet - The New York Times

Full Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals.

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