Crossbody Wallets and Wristlets: A Great Way To Go Compact and Minimalist

Crossbody Wallets and Wristlets: A Great Way To Go Compact and Minimalist

There are quite a few differences between crossbody wallets and wristlets. While they’re both small and compact in size, they are not one and the same thing. For keeping a certain type of items and belongings, a wallet might be the better idea whereas a wristlet could be ideal for some other purpose.

If you want to learn more about what these two are, and how they’re different from one another, go ahead and read this post to the end.

Wristlets and Crossbody Wallets – What are they?

Let’s look at the definitions of these two carriers first.

A wristlet, as the name indicates, is a small purse that is designed to be carried on the wrist. They’re classified by their minimalist sizes and small straps. A wristlet can be used as the main and primary purse, or it can be treated as a ‘mini’ one, and be kept inside a large tote or handbag.

wallet inside purse

A crossbody wallet is, in appearance, very similar to a wristlet. The size is about the same, and if the straps of both these types were to be taken away, there would be no way of knowing which one was which. Essentially, the difference is in the style of wearing. ‘Crossbody’ carriers are generally worn diagonally across the body and have a longer strap/handle.

The word ‘wallet’ in the name could indicate that it is something to be used as traditional bi-folds or slim wallets for men (like the Trayax Contour or Axis). But, despite the name, they are closer (in appearance and utility) to a small bag or poke rather than a front pocket wallet.

While you could, by all means, dedicate these types of bigger wallets for just your cards, cash, receipts, and IDs, it is helpful to know that they do come with the capacity for holding other types of larger objects as well.

Which one is the better option?

That eventually comes down to you and your personal preference. But, the way crossbody wallets are worn is arguably a lot easier and more convenient.

If you’re using a wristlet, your hands will remain occupied. You will either have to hold it constantly or even if you let it sit on your wrist, you will need to keep it balanced so that it doesn't come sliding off. In other words, you will be encumbered with the effort of holding/carrying, and that will keep one of your hands perpetually busy.

renegade zipper wallet wrist

On the other hand, if you have a wallet with zipper that goes around your body and sits snugly on the other side, you will be free to use your hands however you like. In fact, if you haven’t kept a lot of stuff in it, you could even forget that you’re wearing something. The style of wearing carriers across the body is very discreet and comfortable.

But, this could be a bit of an issue for some people with regards to security. A bag sitting idly at your side can be yanked off with a powerful tug or it can get neatly cut off by a pickpocket. A particular confident thief may not even bother taking it off of your person, and just help himself on the spot by opening the flap/zip silently.

This won’t be very easy with something that you are constantly keeping clasped in your hand.

How to buy crossbody wallets and wristlets?

When it comes to buying the product, there are quite a few factors and aspects that you have to check in order to find out whether it is worth purchasing or not. Here are some of them:

Make and Material

It's no good spending money on something only to find it torn and tattered in a few months. The first thing that you should look for when buying a bag is the material and the manufacturing. You should look for something that is made with something tough i.e. leather and is well put together.


The number of pockets also plays a role in the quality of a purse/bag. In smaller ones, like wristlets, there should be one main space, a small pocket at the outside, and a couple stitched to the inner sides.


When checking the strap, you should primarily be concerned about the length. If something is being advertised as an across-the-body bag, then it should have a strap with an adequate length.


If you feel like a slim minimalist wallet is too small for you, consider getting a crossbody wallet instead. Although not as compact as the former, the latter does come with a decent amount of space, which can be quite enough for your everyday paraphernalia. For women, getting a wristlet is also a good alternative. There are some differences between these two, but if you’ve read the post from the top, you are probably aware of ‘em by now.

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