Do High-End Fashion Brands Use Real Leather In Their Handbags?

Do High-End Fashion Brands Use Real Leather In Their Handbags?

The short answer? They do and they don’t. There isn’t a specific or fixed standard that every brand follows. In this post, we are going to be looking in detail at how leather is used in the handbag industry and what factors have played a part in affecting this usage in recent years.

How Can I Find Out If the Handbag Is Real Leather?

Leathers are not used as much in designer products as they were some time ago. While we here at Trayvax still create genuine products like the Trayvax Contour and Ascent using actual leathers, there is less of this material to be seen in the market today.

Nevertheless, it’s fairly easy for you to find out whether the handbag you are looking to buy is made from real leather or not. The product page will clearly and concisely describe the material if it happens to be natural and genuine. Take a little trip to our slim wallets for men page and check out some of the products. The material will be prominently and clearly mentioned. And that is how you can find it out with other brands.

Why Handbags Aren’t Made Using Real Leather as Much Nowadays

Because of vegan customers, basically. Designer brands can, in a bid to appease their vegan consumers, resort to not using leather in their products. Some brands may suffice by introducing a range of handbags made with synthetic or artificial materials but others could leave out natural leathers altogether just to maintain popularity in all parts of the consumer market.

One of the other possible reasons is that brands might want to avoid the high costs. Using artificial and synthetic materials, or fabrics can be more affordable and can maximize profits. This is, by the way, speculation. It's one possible reason.

But, the above should not be taken to mean that leathers have been completely abandoned or left out as manufacturing materials. There are a lot of brands that are still using them, and it’s one of the reasons why the prices get so expensive. Take our tactical wallet category for example. The Contour Genuine Leather Wallet  from Trayvax costs $140. This price is mainly due to the manufacturing and quality of the materials used.

contour leather wallet

Should I Buy a Leather Handbag?

Leathers are great for handbags. Here are some reasons why:

Strength and toughness

Leathers in general are strong and durable. They don't snap or break easily. Although cracking and damage over time is not anything out of the ordinary, it can be avoided if special care is taken when handling the item. With regards to handbags, the toughness of the material helps as it can cushion any external impact and protect the belongings inside from sustaining damage.

Patina and Color Change

Top-grain and full-grain leathers can develop a patina as time goes by. The change in color has a positive aesthetic and the product can start to exhibit a veteran-like elegance. This can also be seen in some Trayvax products, like the Ascent front pocket wallet.

Softening Texture

This is also something that comes around as the material ages. Initially, it can be very stiff and hard to bend, etc. With handbags, this can be felt particularly in the handles and straps.

roam leather handbag

But with the passage of time, the texture can soften up and become easier to bend and curl. It essentially comes down to the fact that if you are judging a product based on the way it feels right from the shelf, you will be a bit misled. It is after some time that the real awesome looks and feel start to surface.

There are some other qualities and features that could be enumerated here as well, but that’s for another post.

Where can I buy these handbags?

While we at Trayvax can help you with buying something like a slim minimalist wallet, there are other places that you can visit to buy a handbag in particular. Online platforms like Amazon are great if you want to make your purchase right from home. You can also visit brand stores on the web and browse through their catalogs to find the product you need.


So, leather handbags. They are still being made by high-end fashion brands but there are many others who only use a portion of the stuff in the entire product. Some companies may use it just for the straps and trims. Others may only feature it in the body of the bag itself.

If you want to buy one of these, it is best to take your business to some reliable retailer. Online shopping, in this regard, is a great solution. The description of the product will clearly describe the materials used in the handbag, and the reviews/ratings will confirm it.

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