Leather Wristlet Straps: Durable, Charismatic and Timeless

Leather Wristlet Straps: Durable, Charismatic and Timeless

Wristlets are small purses that are made to be carried on the wrist. They have small straps; which are just enough for neatly sliding on the lower end of the forearm. While some people may prefer to use them as their main and primary carrier, others may keep them as a mini-purse or a wallet inside their bigger tote. (By the way, if you want to use a slim minimalist wallet with a wristlet instead, try out the Trayvax Contour or Trayvax Element from our store.)

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The strap is essentially the defining feature of any wristlet. If you take away the small strap and replace it with a far longer one, the thing will cease to remain a wristlet. It will become a crossbody wallet with zipper instead. If you want to use and carry wristlets like they are supposed to be, and if you want to take benefit of their utility and convenience, you should stick to using a strap that is about 12-20 inches long.

What types of straps can I use?

There is a range of various materials that you can try out when it comes to straps. You can opt for a webbing handle made with nylon, cotton, or polyester. Buying a denim one can also be a suitable choice, depending on what the material of the purse is.

But if you want to go for something that is durable, tough, and stylish at the same time, then leather is the thing you need. While there are some qualities and features that are more prominent in fabrics and cloth products, strength and robustness are the salient features of leathers.

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Why is this material good for wristlet straps?

Strong and Sturdy

Firstly, the material is tough. You’ve probably never heard of some normal leather simply breaking apart or getting snapped off in parts. Here at Trayvax, you will find genuine leather products like the Trayvax Contour that are quite durable and lasting. That’s why the 65-year heirloom warranty is there. These things can last a lifetime.

With a strong and hard-wearing strap, you will be able to get considerable use out of your wristlet without having to go around buying a replacement. An added benefit to using these straps is that the purse won’t be as easy to snatch. While a normal band or handle can tear or break at an already frayed point, this isn’t very easy to do with one made with leather.

Ages Well

Full-grain and top-grain leathers are exceptional in this regard. As time goes by, products made with full-grain or top-grain leathers will develop a patina finish. Other inferior types of the material may also show a color change but to a lesser degree. This makes them more aesthetic and elegant.

Leathers in general get less stiff over time. They can ‘soften up’ and become easier to manage. So, if your brand new strap is giving you some trouble when bending or curling up, don’t worry. It will get better with time.


And last but not least, a leather band is going to look exquisite and stylish. This is something that can be seen in almost everything that is made using the material. Being natural, there is a certain gracefulness in it that cannot be recreated in synthetic and man-made stuff.

While the material itself has some regal and charismatic properties, the look of the overall strap is reliant on some other aspects as well, such as the stitching and the clasps/buckles. The latter is, oftentimes, merely ornamental but it does add a good touch all the same. You can also add some keychain accessories to your purse to complement the looks of the handle.

Where can I buy straps for my wristlet?

With items that need one to be present during the purchase, like garments (and shoes in particular), real-life shopping is the more recommended choice since there is the chance of something going wrong with the sizes in online shopping.

But, with products like handles and straps, there isn’t a lot of room for you to go wrong. You can visit Amazon or Etsy for buying one of these. Just be sure to check the reliability of the seller, and what the reviews say about the product.


With a leather strap, you will be able to improve not only the looks of your wristlet, but you’ll also be able to make it more secure. Leathers in general are quite durable and hardy, and using a handle made with ‘em can help you avoid losing your purse in case someone tries to snatch it. There are many other benefits as well, but this one, in particular, can be appreciated by people who are a bit concerned about security.

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