Men’s Card Cases Wallets and Card Cases

Men’s Card Cases Wallets and Card Cases

Card cases (also known as holders) are designed specifically to carry cards. While it is possible to keep folded up bills in the pockets as well, the main purpose of the case is to accommodate bank cards and IDs etc.

There are different designs that you will get to see if you are in the market for buying one of these. Some are made with metal/plastic and have a hard form factor. Others, on the other hand, are made with more flexible materials like leather. The options are numerous.

A lot of products offered by Trayvax, such as the Trayvax Contour and Original 2.0, are primarily made for holding cards. While there are money clips and pockets that can be used for cash, the main purpose mimics that of exclusively designed card cases. But then again, they are defined as slim wallets for men, so there is that technical difference.

contour mens wallet

What are the Benefits of using Cases?

The main benefit of using these types of holders is that they are slim and minimalist. They don’t take up as much room as a traditional bi-fold or a full-sized wallet with zipper. Being such, they can be put in smaller spaces and pockets without becoming cumbersome.

Other than that, another advantage of using them is that they can hold more cards than normal wallets. In the latter, there is a fixed number of slots or spaces for this purpose, and the rest of the folds and pockets are for cash and receipts, etc. But with holders and cases that are made exclusively in the sleek design, you can even store 10+ cards without worrying about the whole thing getting fat and bulky.

Take the Trayvax Original 2.0, for example. For people who want to pop in a card or two, the Original 2.0 has a capacity of up to 15. The front and back plates are bound together with paracord; which can be tightened and loosened to make the tactical wallet slim or wide.

original wallet slim men

Thirdly, these types of holders are harder for thieves and pickpockets to get their hands on. Wallets usually have to go in large and more prominent pockets and are easily detected by pickpockets. A card case, on the other hand, can easily be tucked inside a jacket pocket or some other snug and safe space.

And lastly, one advantage that could really be appealing to neat and clean people is the fact that these types of smaller cardholders are not as easy to mess up as compared to larger wallets. With the latter, all sorts of gunk and garbage can get collected in remote corners and crevices. Receipts can get racked up unnecessarily and the whole thing can get stuffy. This is not something to be worried about when using smaller products that have limited spaces and slots.

Are Wallets a Better Option?

When it comes to traditional wallets (bi-folds and tri-folds), there are certain aspects in which they are better than slim and sleek holders and cases.

One cannot say with absolute certitude that one is the better option than the other. This depends on what the user wants to carry around and what their average wallet cargo is.

If someone needs to carry around a lot of bills, loose change, a key or two, IDs, and a bank card, then a traditional billfold or pocketbook would be the better option. On the other hand, if someone just needs to carry around a few folded bills and a couple of cards, a slim case or holder would be much better.

In essence, the decision pivots on the fact that while a sleek and compact case is smaller in size and easier to handle, it doesn’t have much space to carry a lot of stuff. On the other hand, a full-sized wallet would come with various pockets, slots, spaces, and little pouches for holding all sorts of items. But, this utility comes at the cost of the larger and bulkier size.

For people who want to get the best of both worlds, getting a front pocket wallet can be a good option. These products come with a bit of both: a decent amount of space and a compact form factor.


So, which one is better? That is up to you to decide. In this post, we have looked at the pros and cons of each type, so hopefully, you will be in a better position to understand which one suits your particular need the best. And for some people, the choice may come down to personal preference, even if that means comprising on the size of the product.

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