Why Is It Cool For Guys To Wear Lanyards Out Of Their Pockets

Why Is It Cool For Guys To Wear Lanyards Out Of Their Pockets

So what do you think about the guys who wear lanyards hanging out of their pockets? Are they keeping their possessions safe? Or are they just trying to look cool while doing it? Is wearing a lanyard in your pocket a good idea or is it just another trend that needs to go away? 

Why do guys think it’s cool to hang lanyards out of their pockets? And why is it considered a faux pas for anyone else? Let’s review this behavior and see whether it’s beneficial or not.

Why are lanyards worn around the neck?

Lanyards are typically made of either leather or nylon. They are worn around the neck to allow easy access to an ID badge without having to take it out of the lanyard. The key purpose of wearing a lanyard around the neck is to prevent the wearer from misplacing their items and to keep them close.

In an organization where the identification of everyone is key, a lanyard makes the ID easily visible without lifting it.

What’s the point of wearing a lanyard out of your pocket?

If you’re a fashion-conscious person, you probably already understand why they do. Basically, new fashion trends are born out of defiance of the norm. Since lanyards can only be worn around the neck, most guys simply defy that rule by finding another spot to hang it and keep the badge visible for easy identification.

Like in most workplaces, the badge will be issued to employees with a lanyard already attached to it. But most places don’t force staff to wear the lanyard around their necks, as long as the badge is visible. So what’s the simplest way of making the badge visible but defying the norm – hanging out of the pocket.

Those who do this will get a clip-on keychain, add their key bunch and attach it to the lanyard strap. The keys are then pocketed while the lanyard end with a badge holder hanging out. This trend is all about looking cool.

But this comes with the risk of losing your ID and the bunch of keys should something hold the lanyard and pull it out of your pocket without you noticing.

How to look trendier without hanging lanyards out of your pockets

If looking cool to your peers and visitors is what you’re after, there’s a better of doing it. Find a contemporary lanyard that attaches to your belt loop, allowing the badge to hang around the pocket as desired.

An excellent example of such a lanyard is the Trayvax Link Lanyard. This EDC lanyard looks like an elegant carabiner clip keychain. It allows you to keep your ID badge in your desired position, without any risks of losing it. It comes with a stainless steel carabiner to attach to a belt loop.

lanyard link

The link has a quick-release swivel that is attached to the carabiner. Unlike the traditional lanyards worn around the neck, the Link Lanyard replaces the strap with a top-grain oil-tanned leather or climb-spec nylon.

Is it ever okay to wear a lanyard around your neck?

Lanyards were originally made to be worn around the neck. But just like wallets have migrated to slim minimalist wallets, lanyards are also changing. Some people claim that the nylon strap of neck-worn lanyards irritates them.

That could be true because any type of fiber can cause rashes. Some people are more likely to experience irritations from synthetic materials with spandex, polyester, rubber, or rayon. If you are in that category of people, you can opt for the modern lanyards with shorter leather straps and a carabiner.

These lanyards, the likes of Trayvax Link Stretch Lanyard will barely come into contact with the skin hence won’t cause any rashes.  Plus, they’re made of an elastic link that stretches up to 25 inches when extended. And can be used to carry heavier objects, especially when going out for an adventure, like camping.

Lanyards or wallets? Which one’s better?

Lanyards help you carry your ID badge and display it with the least effort. If you choose slim wallets for men with a display window, you can still show your identification without getting your ID out of the wallet.

But you’ll have to fetch your wallet every time you’re asked about your ID. And if in a place where ID needs to be visible at all times, you can’t walk around carrying your wallet with the ID displayed. That’s why a lanyard is much better for displaying IDs. 

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