Replacement Leather Purse & Crossbody Straps

Replacement Leather Purse & Crossbody Straps

Broke the strap on your purse or crossbody bag? It’s no good carrying it around clasped in your hand. One of the main reasons why crossbody bags and smaller purses are so awesome is because they can silently sit at your side without bothering your hand movements. Check out this post to learn more about getting a replacement strap for your carrier, and why you should get a leather one in particular.

What makes leather straps so awesome?

You might have a better idea about the answer to this question if you happen to own a minimalist leather wallet such as the Trayvax Contour or Ascent. There are many reasons why leather is such great material for accessories. Here are some of them:

Durability and Strength

The first benefit that you will get if you opt for a leather strap is strength and durability. The material is naturally hardy, and will not easily break or rip, even in the case of unusually rough usage. One of the best things about this stuff is that while it has excellent strength and ruggedness, it doesn’t fall short in flexibility and malleability. One would think that the hard composition would mean some degree of compromise in the flexibility, but that isn’t the case with leather.

Straps that are made with webbing or fabric aren’t as strong, and they can tear or break apart if they are yanked or pulled with excessive force. They can also fray and get worn over time.

Aesthetics – with a patina!

Next off, there are the aesthetics. Leather is, in general, elegant owing to its regal and charismatic colors. And when brands add their own artistic touches, such as a protective layer on top and the contrasting stitches at the edges, the whole thing becomes even more attractive.

Additionally, if you opt for a product that is made using top-grain or full-grain leather, you will even get a patina after some time. The patina is essentially a change in the shade of the material which makes the appearance more exotic. So, on top of everything else, leathers age well too.

In our slim minimalist wallet category, you can buy products like the Element and Ascent that also develop a patina over time. Just in case you want to do a bit of matching.

cross shoulder strap


A leather strap can go well with all types of bags and purses. If we talk about it like we would about colors, it's like black or brown. Even if your bag is made with denim or with some other fabric, it will go well despite not matching the material or the color. Obviously, this is not some absolute law, the deviance from which is impossible. It's merely something that is generally observed. You can, while making your purchase, place your bag side-by-side to see how the shades match or clash.

You can understand the universality of that leather appearance by looking at our Element and Ascent front pocket wallets. They’re timeless and they can go great regardless of who’s using them.

Buying replacement straps for purses and bags

Nowadays, almost everything can be bought online. And the same goes for replacement straps. It is advisable to make the purchase from a reliable platform like Amazon, Etsy or Trayvax. The former will be helpful since there is a range of products available, and you can easily find one that fits your budget. Etsy, on the other hand, can be suitable for people who are looking for something more antique and exotic.

roam mini leather strap

That's as far as the 'where' of the whole thing goes. As for the 'how' part, there are a couple of things that you should look for when choosing the product.

While we could go into some detail for those points, we don’t want to drag on this post for too long. So, let’s look at them in some bullets instead:

  • The make. Choose quality for stitching, buckles, carabiner, etc. (The carabiner is the part that attaches to the body of the purse bag. If you’ve ever seen a carabiner clip keychain, you will know what this part looks like).
  • The price. Don't go cheap or very extravagant. Be sure to stick to a reliable store for your purchase, and buy something that you can use for some time to come.
  • Length. This part is a little important. If you are buying a replacement for your crossbody bag, then the length of the strap should be sufficiently long to allow the bag to go on the side of your waist, where it is meant to be placed.

And that about sums everything up for what to look for in a replacement strap for your purse. 


So, there you have it. Buying a leather strap for your purse/bag can be a great idea. The material is tough, durable, and aesthetic. Ruggedness usually comes with a bit of compromise on the looks and feel, but it isn't so with goods made of genuine leather.

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