6 Ways You Can Use Lanyards: Not Just for Badges Anymore!

6 Ways You Can Use Lanyards: Not Just for Badges Anymore!

Lanyards are a popular giveaway item for conferences and events, but they can also serve several other purposes. From carrying badges to holding your ID, lanyards are more than just a badge holder. For example, many businesses use lanyards to hold their name tags when giving tours or walking around an expo floor. They're also handy for holding other items like flash drives, keys, and even car keys.

Both individuals and organizations can benefit from lanyards. Check out how you or your company can use lanyards.

What Can Individuals Put on A Lanyard?

Most of us are used to the idea of using lanyards to hold and display ID badges. But there’s more to lanyards than just display identification. Check out these creative ways of using lanyards.

A Bunch of Keys

Sometimes, you don’t have to keep the keys together in a key ring. A lanyard can be an effective way of holding a bunch of keys. And the lanyards in this context aren’t those with long nylon straps hanging around the neck.

The lanyards referred to here resemble a keychain with carabiner, except that the strap is made of leather or climb-spec nylon. But they’re attached to belt loops, just like a typical keychain. The Trayvax Keyton Clip is an excellent example.

carabiner keychain lanyard

The strap is made of top-grain oil-tanned leather and has a carabiner attached to one end. The stainless steel carabiner has a quick release and attach feature to conveniently detach or attach the lanyard on the go. The good part is that you can choose a black or brown leather finish to complement your look.


If you’ve lost your wallet to pickpockets several times, it doesn’t mean that you have to walk around without it entirely. You can use a lanyard to secure your wallet so that pickpockets will have a difficult time stealing it while you’re unaware.

For that, you’ll need to replace your ordinary wallet with a slim minimalist wallet that has an attachment point. The Trayvax Element Wallet, for instance, comes with a rugged stainless steel frame with an attachment point at the end. This allows you to attach it to a lanyard so pick pocketers can’t take it off without you noticing.

lanyard keys wallet

Key cards

If you work in an organization where doors are electronically locked, it can be tiring to retrieve your key card from your wallet to gain access all the time. That’s why most people use lanyards instead. And it doesn’t have to be that old fashion lanyard worn around the neck.

The Trayvax Link Lanyard can serve the purpose of carrying key cards well. It consists of a short climb-spec nylon link and a carabiner.

Camping gear

Are you an outdoor adventure enthusiast? You have a couple of things you like to keep close with you when going out for adventures, such as mountain climbing, camping, or hiking. Such items include a torch, goggles, pair of gloves, compass, etc.

You can comfortably use a lanyard to hold any of such items to keep them closer and easier to reach when you need them. The Trayvax Link Stretch Lanyard is one such functional lanyard. It consists of a much longer link, made of bungee nylon that can stretch up to 25 inches.

The lanyard also has a quick-release swivel attached to a stainless steel carabiner. This lanyard is great for your everyday use and offers unbeatable durability.

What Role Can Lanyards Play in Organizations?

Apart from the above-mentioned ways of using lanyards, you can customize them to achieve various organizational goals. Check out these additional uses of lanyards.

Foster brand trust

When employees have their badges hanging, whether, on their clothing, neck, or belt loop, it plays a great role in making a client feel more secure. That’s especially true in hospitals, financial institutions, TSA checkpoints, department stores, etc.

Lanyards offer an easier way for the staff to display their identification so clients can recognize them quickly and seek assistance if needed. That can go a long way in helping people trust your business more.

Business promotion

With custom lanyards, it’s easy to promote your brand by having the links in your primary theme colors, logo, or business slogan. Both the employees and visitors can wear them as part of identification to indirectly promote your brand to other people.

Also, you can gift your clients custom branded lanyards during events. If your company deals with fashion accessories, for instance, you can give a free metal men's wallet engraved with your logo when they make purchases above a certain amount.

Final thoughts

Lanyards are beneficial to both individuals and organizations. For an individual, they’ll be looking for an easier way to add more functionality with a simple lanyard, such as displaying their ID or carrying essentials. Companies, on the other hand, can use them to implement security protocols such as employee and guest identification.

They can also give out customized lanyards as presents so the recipient can help spread the word about the company.

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