Are You Enthusiastic About A Home Business? How About A Purse Party

Are You Enthusiastic About A Home Business? How About A Purse Party

If you're enthusiastic about starting a home business, you may have heard about Purse Parties. If you're looking for a business opportunity that allows you to earn money, meet people, and enjoy yourself all at the same time, you may want to consider hosting a purse party.

For those looking for a great opportunity to add expensive designer purses and handbags to their collection, a purse party offers the chance. You can get access to some of the best purses, clutches, and slim minimalist wallets made in USA.

Whether looking to buy or sell a designer bag collection, how can you achieve it through a purse party? Let’s find out more!

What’s a Purse Party?

A purse party is an event held at a host’s house where attendees can come to learn about and shop for a selection of purses and handbags. If you want to start such a business model, you may not learn all about it from your first party. With due diligence, you’ll learn and realize the full potential of this unique business model.

Purse parties are more advantageous because they’re easier to set up and don’t have lots of requirements, such as setting up an outlet. Despite the simplicity of this business model, it is illegal in some states.

This business model is not limited to selling women’s purses only. Some traders have taken it a notch higher by including branded metal men's wallet so women can get them for their spouses.

What Are The Legal Requirements To Hold A Purse Party?

Purse parties are regarded as trafficking if the host doesn’t follow the set federal regulations of this business model. But more importantly, if you have to check the zoning laws of your state as some prohibit conducting commercial businesses from a home. Be sure to familiarize yourself with your zoning laws before jumping into hosting purse parties.

Check with the US Small Business Administration to obtain information about the various permits and license requirements for your area. These requirements include state, county, city, or town requirements.

Additionally, before inviting your close friends and family over to sample and buy your collection of Chanel or Gucci designer handbags, you must have a federal employer ID number. If you’ll be a reseller, you’ll also need to have a states sales tax ID. This will eliminate the need to pay suppliers sales tax on orders so you can report retail sales tax.

How To Hold A Purse Party

Purse parties are based on the whole idea of inviting friends and acquaintances to view and buy your products. Therefore, your model should factor in every aspect of creating a more welcoming environment for guests.

Prepare your display space

The beauty of a purse party is that you won't have to rent a space and build shelves for display. Just pick a spacious room and set up your handbag collections for display. Ensure the room is spacious enough, well lit, aerated, and more conducive to host many people.

If you have a visitors lounge with hallways connecting the living room, you can comfortably host your purse party.

purse women

Pick versatile product line

Ensure that you’ve selected brands trusted by many. But most importantly, go for products with a range of styles and prices to ensure every guest will find something that matches their preferences and budgets.

Expand your product line to include commonly sought-after accessories such as elegant cosmetic bags, coin purses, carabiner clip keychains, and branded wallets for men. But this doesn’t have to be done immediately.  As your business establishes firm ground, you can include them.

Set up capital

Hosting a purse party is doing business, so you’ll need capital for the merchandise, marketing, and making the event livelier. Determine a realistic budget and open a business bank account. It’s not ideal to leave out online purchases, so create a platform to allow buyers to purchase through PayPal, Payoneer, or credit and debit cards.

Find credible suppliers

Finding a credible supplier is among the many challenges of running a successful business. With purse parties, you’ll need a supplier who can furnish you with high-quality bags, purses, and wallets. It doesn’t have to be high-end designer types like Chanel, Prada, or Bottega Veneta.

Find brands known to offer great appealing purses and minimalist wallets made in USA at affordable rates. One such brand is the Trayvax Roam Clutch or the Kensington Leather Mini Crossbody Bag. If you happen to have your collection from your wardrobe, the better. That’ll save you from committing your money to a large inventory without having a ready client base.

Alternatively, you can opt for wholesale drop shipping, where you only order when you have a verified purchase. This model works well especially if you have sample purses that clients will view at your home, then place their orders for the same. Just remember to mention when they should expect their deliveries, such as 3-5 business days.

Final Thoughts

For your purse party business to be successful, treat it like a party. Make everything look lively, the mood welcoming, and serve guests refreshments. Ensure you have samples of the purses you intend to sell. If just getting started, you can display your own wardrobe purse collection.

Don’t limit yourself to expensive designer collections but feature in more affordable and varied designs to accommodate every guest. 

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