Why Do You Prefer a Slim Wallet?

Why Do You Prefer a Slim Wallet?

Wallets come in all shapes and sizes, for all needs, wants and budgets. Some people want them larger, to hold more items, but others prefer them slimmer, which are better for such things as small pockets, ease of use and personal style. This article will tell you all about the benefits of a slim wallet.


The most obvious reason for wanting a slim minimalist wallet is because nothing else will fit in your pocket. Your best choice for even the smallest pockets is the Trayvax Ascent. Despite its small size, this ultra-slim wallet holds up to 7 cards and 5 folded bills.

ascent wallet slim

The Ascent is the perfect size and design to go anywhere with you. Its top-grain leather comes in four colors, and they’re all treated with a melonite finish, to keep the leather durable in even the toughest conditions. The nylon pull tab will hold up just as well, retrieving your cards from within. If you want something small yet durable, the Ascent is made just for you.


Unlike a bigger wallet, something thinner doesn’t have a million fiddly snaps or zippers. Usually, it’ll only have a single snap, or even just a simple pull-tab. The Original 2.0 wallet is unique in that it has a paracord drawstring. It’s a different sort of wallet, and one of our bestsellers. Aside from its drawstring, it has a strong, airplane-grade aluminum body, a G10 fiberglass laminate, and a stainless-steel backplate.

original slim wallet

This wallet can take quite a beating! It’s perfect for the man on the go, whether it’s hiking, camping, a night on the town, or even just heading to work. The Original 2.0 can withstand any falls, raindrops, or mud puddles. And with our 65-year Heirloom Warranty, we guarantee it’ll last a lifetime and longer. Our most popular wallet never goes out of style, so your kids will love it. And at a price point as slim as its profile, you can get one for everyone in your family.


Sometimes, you just want a neat-looking accessory. You want something that looks sleek yet attention-getting. We have just the wallet for you: The Trayvax Contour. It’s a cool metal wallet with a unique design. It comes in a number of metals, from brass to stainless steel. Up to 13 cards are easily stored inside, and it can be adjusted with a few twists of a simple little tool.

contour mens slim wallet

It can also hold up to 10 bills, so you’re never without a bit of cash. There’s even a bottle opener integrated into its design, so you can pull it out at the bar to catch everyone’s eye. You’ll be the talk of the town with this wallet by your side.


Most of the time, your wallet will stay in your pocket. Sometimes, however, you might want to put it into a backpack, a purse, or the center console of your car. Something small will go there just as easily. And if you want one that can handle all of this abuse, try the Trayvax Element. It’ll survive anywhere, from your jacket to your car. It has a rugged frame made from stainless steel, and the rest is made from top-grain leather.

element mens slim wallet

The secure closure snap keeps your cards from falling out, and it even has RFID protection to keep your cards and important data from being skimmed. In your camping bag, it can withstand rain and mud. Out on the town, it’s good against drops onto the pavement. And anywhere it goes, it protects your cards from being damaged. This is one tough cookie!


A hard-to-see wallet is hard to steal. The lack of a large bulge makes pickpockets have to reach deeper, and risk getting caught. To keep your items even safer, no matter the size, try a lanyard. It’ll keep things secured to a belt or belt loop, so you don’t have to worry. One of the best choices would be the Link. It comes in leather or nylon, and looks great either way. It’s long enough to go to the bottom of your pocket, but short enough to be felt when someone tugs on it. You won’t have to worry with this lovely lanyard on your belt.


A slim wallet is good for a number of reasons. From security to thin pockets, to the sleek style of them. Get a slim wallet you’ll love with Trayvax.

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Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson

Keeping a slim wallet in your front pocket is much safer than the back pocket, and don’t forget the comfort – I spent years sitting on a fat wallet while driving, flying, sitting in chairs, and finally had some sciatica and hip pain from it. The last few years I went to a slim leather bi-fold, but when it started wearing out I went to TRAVAX wallets, specifically the Axis, Generation 2.0, and Ascent. I’ve used all three for nearly a year and love all of them. The Ascent is my favorite, but I still love the Axis and 2.0. My son loves the summit wallet.

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