What is the best quality men’s leather wallet?

What is the best quality men’s leather wallet?

Are you looking to buy a slim leather wallet? Slim minimalist wallets are a great alternative to traditional bulky billfolds. They can help you store your cash and cards without having to carry around the big, voluminous form. If they are made from leather, it's all the better since you will get some enhanced durability as well as added charisma.

Here at Trayvax, there are a total of three leather front pocket wallets that you can choose from. They include the Ascent, Element, and Contour. In this post, we are going to take a look at each of them so you can decide for yourself which one has the best quality and is most suited to your needs and preference.

Trayvax Ascent

The Ascent is the first product on our list. Made from top-grain leather and a metallic center plate, this slim product can hold up to 4-7 cards along with 1-5 folded bills. The rugged design features a total of three pockets; two of which are for cards and one is the cash space.

The front compartment has a selection window: which basically allows you to browse through the stored items without having to completely take them out. The other compartment has a nylon pull-tab.

ascent minimalist leather wallet men

Like all the other products offered by Trayvax in this category, the Ascent comes with RFID protection. Thanks to this feature, you can walk around without worrying about your precious data getting nicked remotely by a hacker.

This wallet comes with a price tag of $59.99. This does fall slightly in the medium to high budget, but that is what you should expect from something that has so much genuine leather. You can choose from two different finishes for the metal frame and four different colors for the main body.

Trayvax Element

One of the different and special features of the Element is the integrated metal money clip. While the Ascent has a pocket for holding cash, the Element offers a separate built-in clip. The clip is more useful as it holds on more firmly to the bills and keeps them from falling out.

element wallet leather men minimialist

However, the money clip is not just placed smack-dab on the wallet. In order to get to it, you first have to undo the strap that goes around the back. Upon removing the strap, you can remove the flap which ultimately reveals the clip. Slick, huh?

Thanks to this little concealment mechanism, the Element may look like a bi fold wallet for men from afar, when in reality it’s quite slim and sleek.

Coming to the capacity, you can store 3-10 cards in the main compartment while the clip can hold up to 5 folded bills. The design is similar to that of Ascent as it also features a metallic frame around which the material is sewn. The stitching is a bit different as it features a thick paracord.

The price tag on the Element is $69.99 and it comes in four different shades for the main body along with two finishes for the metal frame.

Trayvax Contour

This little beauty starts with a price tag of $139.99. The titanium finish – which is the most expensive variant – has a price of $199.99.

The reason that the price was mentioned right off the bat was to clarify that this product is not for all and sundry. This luxury item is for people who can afford it.

contour wallet rfid

The Contour features an aesthetic and sophisticated design owing to the CNC-machined metal plate and the top-grain leather. There are a total of four different versions that you can choose from for the metallic part. There is the simple raw version, the black finish, the brass, and lastly, the titanium. All these have varying prices, with the raw being the least expensive one and the titanium being the costliest.

You can store up to 13 cards in the main compartment and 1-10 folded bills in the strap at the back. Like the other products, the Contour is also RFID blocking.


And there you have it. These are the three leather front pocket slim wallets that you can buy at Now that you have looked at each of them with some detail, you will be able to decide which one suits you best. Be sure to take your pick according to your budget.

If you have a low to medium budget, go for the Ascent. If you have a slightly higher spending capacity, try the Element instead. If, however, you have a lot of dough then the Contour is what you should be looking at.

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