What are some minimalist/small-form alternatives to wallets?

What are some minimalist/small-form alternatives to wallets?

Wallets are a great way of carrying cash, cards, and other basic items such as keys and coins. However, they do come with the slight drawback of having a large bulky size. Traditional bi fold pocketbooks and billfolds are can be quite cumbersome to carry, and this may lead people to look for other alternatives.

In this post, we are looking at some minimalistic and smaller substitutes that you can use in lieu of traditional bi folds.

Money Clips

Money clips have, in comparison to traditional billfolds, a very small size. The average clip is about 2 inches in length. Contrary to what the name might imply, you can keep more than just cash in these clips. They are also suitable for holding a couple of bank cards.

All you have to do is fold up your bills (depending on the size of the clip you are using, there will be a certain capacity you are going to have to watch). Once you have folded your bills up nice and small, simply slide the clip over them. This small bundle is all you need to carry around. Pretty handy when compared to a bi fold wallet for men, eh?

If you want to put some cards in there, slide them underneath the wad of bills and you\'re good to go. One of the best things about clips is that their size is dependent on the amount of stuff you store in them. If it is completely empty, it will just be a 2-inch piece of metal that you can stow away anywhere you like. And even if there is a considerable amount of cash stored in them, they won\'t become nearly as bulky or voluminous as a men's leather bifold wallet.


This is another small-form alternative that you can opt for instead of getting a billfold. Cardholders are typically for holding bank cards and business cards etc. But, there is nothing stopping you from putting a few folded bills in the slots. While the name might imply that they are for storing only cards, you can cheat the system a bit and use them just as you would use a wallet.

metal money clip wallet

The difference between a cardholder and a front pocket wallet is that the former is made to accommodate only cards while the latter is made to carry cash as well.

Cardholders usually have a very slim profile and they can go inside small spaces and pockets easily. While they are less of a hassle to carry than traditional pocketbooks and billfolds, they are considerably larger than money clips. Some cardholders may have a bi fold design that opens up while some may have a flat and sleek style. There are a lot of varieties and you can take your pick according to your need and personal preference.

Slim Wallet

Slim minimalist wallets are also a decent alternative to traditional pocketbooks. These products are a lot of like cardholders, except that they are a bit bigger and they can accommodate folded cash bills.

For holding bills, a slim wallet can come with either a dedicated cash space, a separate pocket, or an integrated money clip. For example, take the Trayvax Element. The Element comes with a main compartment along with an in-built money clip that is found under a leather flap at the back. This type of utility is typically found in slim wallets. Another feature that is typically found in these products is the RFID blocking feature. With RFID protection, any RFID-enabled card that you have in the compartment will be safe from malicious attacks from hackers.

element rfid wallet

At, you can find a variety of such products. There are some, like the Trayvax Axis and Original 2.0, which are made for the low-budget market. Others, like the Element and Contour, are made for customers with a higher budget. You should definitely give these a look if you are looking for slim alternatives to traditional billfolds.


These were some of the slim and small-form alternatives that you can buy instead of going for billfolds and pocketbooks. You can opt for clips if you have the habit of carrying around just some cash and a card or two. On the other hand, you can try out cardholders and minimalistic wallets if you feel as if clips might be a little cramped for you. If you opt for the latter, check out and its range of different offerings; made to satisfy the needs of all sorts of customers.

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