What do You Carry in Your Wallet All the Time?

What do You Carry in Your Wallet All the Time?

Wallets may be small, but they hold what we need them to. They’re some of the most important accessories a person can own, and should be carried wherever you go. From cards, to cash, to even a few hidden necessities, a wallet can hold it all. Here are some things I personally carry in my wallet.


Getting the obvious joke out of the way first, “what’s in my wallet” is usually at least one or two credit cards. It’s hard to go anywhere, or do anything, without being able to pay for things. Nowadays, it’s incredibly easy to pay for anything you need, simply by tapping, or even walking past, a modern PIN pad.

Unfortunately, this technology comes at a cost. Thieves can easily utilize the same technology to skim your data, and it’s so easily hidden, you won’t know until it’s too late. You can keep your data safe just as easily, with a metal RFID wallet.

armored summit wallet

The Armored Summit Wallet is a fantastic choice. It offers up to 95.1% RFID resistance, with plenty of space for all your cards to be protected. It can even be modified, becoming a notebook wallet with our inexpensive add-ons. Even in this form, it’s still strong enough to withstand most hits, drops, weather and skimmers. No nefarious stranger will be getting your information with Trayvax’s help.


Do you need to get into the bar? Or are you driving to work? In either case, it’s important to have your driver’s license or ID card. And if your wallet has an easy-access window, you don’t even need to fish it out. The Trayvax Axis is one of the best for this. It has one of those windows, without any plastic or glass to scratch your precious cards.

axis bifold wallet

Its small size can easily fool you into thinking it won’t be able to hold much, but that’d be wrong. It can hold up to 14 cards, and 8 bills. Your cards will be kept safe with its stainless-steel frame. Wherever you need a slim money clip wallet, your Axis is ready to go with you. This even includes the sky, as it’s TSA certified. Let your ID stay safe and close with this clever little bifold.


Sometimes, cards just won’t cut it. There are still some places that only take cash, and you don’t want to be caught unprepared. Our Renegade Wallet with zipper will hold all of your coins and bills with little trouble. It’s a bigger wallet, made of latigo leather and stitched together with strong heavy-duty nylon. Its metal, lockable YKK zipper pull keeps everything safe and secure.

renegade zipper wallet

It has an attachment point to hook onto a chain, to keep things even safer. Bring your quarters to the laundry, a few small bills to the vending machine at work, or even some larger bills to pay your share at your favorite restaurant. It’ll all be there thanks to the Renegade. And thanks to the 65-year Heirloom Warranty, it’ll be there for your kids, and possibly grandkids, too. It never goes out of style, so they’ll love it as much as you do.


Sometimes, on a windy day, you might need a hair tie and some bobby pins to put your hair up. Or maybe your lips are a little dry from the cold, and you need some Chapstick. For these little needs, try a Roam Clutch. It has small pockets to keep these odds and ends safe. But that’s not all it can hold. With its special pouch on the back, it can hold a cell phone. Its soft wool interior can keep all your cash safe, and its many card pockets keep your credit cards from getting bent or stolen.

roam clutch

The space is big enough to hold a few pads or tampons, some band-aids, and a travel-size bottle of medicine. Be prepared for life’s little problems with the Trayvax Roam. The little pockets inside can even store a house key, if, for example, you’re pet-sitting for a family member. With all these useful functions, and its fashionable leather looks, a Trayvax Roam is a woman’s best friend.


There are many things you can carry in a wallet. Cash, credit cards, your driver’s license, and all sorts of other little odds and ends. You need the right kind of wallet to carry all of this. And the right wallet is a Trayvax.

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