What is the Best-Looking Leather Wallet?

What is the Best-Looking Leather Wallet?

Leather wallets are a wonderful fashion accessory, whether you’re a man or a woman. You can pair them with any outfit, and they’ll look snazzy. But some look better than others, and this list will tell you which ones are best.


We’re starting off our list with the sleek Explorer Passport wallet. It may look a little plain, and only come in one color, but this wallet can be engraved with up to two lines. Give it as an anniversary gift and mark it with your wedding date, put an inside joke on it to make your friends chuckle every time they see it, or just get your name and address engraved on it so it can be returned if it ever gets lost. And not only is it fashionable, it’s incredibly important.

passport wallet

This wallet can hold your passport, boarding passes, credit cards, and foreign currency for your travels abroad. It’ll even survive the X-Ray machines. The level of customization from a simple engraving gets this useful little wallet on the list.


This men’s notebook wallet looks sleek and stylish. Like the Explorer, it can also be engraved, and only comes in one color, but what puts it ahead are all the special add-ons. If you want to maintain an organized, creative or go-getting attitude, this wallet will say all you can’t. It has a built-in notebook, a Bullet Space Pen, and all the space you need for credit cards and cash.

summit notebook wallet

Pair it with a suit, and write down your notes for that important meeting while waiting for the bus; it’ll give the impression of a put-together businessman. Jot down some notes for your new story in a coffee shop, and you’ll be seen as a quick-minded creative type. Or just go for the fun, relaxed image and draw some little cartoons while in a T-shirt and comfy pants. The Summit can do it all.


The Trayvax Ascent comes in at #3 thanks to its slim profile and multitudes of combinations. It has two metal colors and four leather colors. Combine this with up to two lines of engraving, and the wallet you order will truly be yours. And with its slim design, it’ll fit in even the smallest of pockets.

You can easily bring it with you to show off your ID at the bar, or pay for your restaurant tab. The nylon pull tab will get all of your cards out of it, no problem. With space for up to 7 cards, you’ll never be strapped for money with this lovely wallet on hand.


Anyone who’s seen a Trayvax Contour knows exactly what I mean when I say that this is one of the most eye-catching wallets out there. With a sleek metal frame that leaves the cards within fully visible, a neat leather money clip, and even an integrated bottle opener, this metal men’s wallet will turn heads and be the center of attention. It has four (sometimes five, with the recent Iridescent Blue as a fan favorite) metal colors, and four leather colors to make it even more uniquely yours.

So why isn’t it at the top? That’s simply because it’s more metal than leather. It’s a metal wallet with a leather strap, which qualifies it, but doesn’t put it right at the top.


The slightly bigger brother of the Ascent makes it to the top of this list. It has all the neat features and fashionable colors of the Ascent, but just a bit bigger, and with an eye-catching jagged design to the frame. This wallet looks fashionable enough to take out with you on date night, but not so fancy as to be the target of ridicule on a construction worksite.

element wallet

And despite its good looks, it’s very durable. No tumble onto concrete or rocks will crack it, no rainstorm will ruin the leather. It’ll keep going, and keep looking great, for years to come. If you want a wallet that can survive all situations, the Element is for you.


From the sleek and useful Explorer, to the tough yet fashionable Element, Trayvax has no shortage of good-looking leather wallets. And with our 65-year Heirloom Warranty, we guarantee that you’ll be able to hand down a wallet of equal parts fashion and function to your kids. Our wallets never go out of style, so they’ll love them too.

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