Wallets for All Genders

Wallets for All Genders

In our current times, some wallets are for men, and some are for women. But the times are changing, and the stereotypes with them. We’ll dig a little deeper into this today.


Personally, I not only think it’s OK, I think it’s great. Many male celebrities carry women’s wallets, clutches, or even purses. Kanye West has a Louis Vuitton backpack, for example. They can be a lot more spacious than a slim wallet, and look nice on anybody. And of course, as has been said in the past, “if a man owns it, it’s a man’s wallet.”

So, there are no problems with it. If you want to join in this new trend, give the Roam Mini Clutch a try. It’s small enough to be hidden in a pocket, or turned into a larger wallet with a wrist strap. But it’s still big enough to hold a cell phone, up to 12 cards, all the cash you might need, and it even has little pockets for keys or travel-size tubes of medicine. Despite being a “women’s clutch”, it has features even most men would love.

roam mini women men


Of course it is! Whether she wants to keep it in her purse, in her pocket, or just in her car, a men’s wallet is perfect for women too. Take the Trayvax Contour. This metal men’s wallet is sleek and fashionable for both men and women. It has a unique design, comes in many different metals and leather colors, and is slim enough to fit into the small pockets of women’s jeans.

contour men women wallet

It even has a bottle opener built in, for glass-bottle sodas or beers. The Contour will fit into anyone’s purse, pocket, or life.


Whether you’re a man or a woman, our wallets are great for everyone. Our best-selling wallet is the Original 2.0, and both men and women love it. Coming in a number of different colors, and with a durable drawstring closure, this wallet is strong but stylish. Anyone would love to get one for Christmas, and with its low price point, you can get one for everyone on your list.

original blue wallet men women

If you’d rather have something sleek and slim, the Trayvax Ascent is perfect. This slim minimalist wallet can be placed into a lady’s purse for easier carrying, but can fit into a man’s front pocket so it won’t be sat on. And despite its size, it’s a hardy little wallet. It can withstand most of life’s little mishaps without a problem, and will keep on trucking for decades. With our 65-year Heirloom Warranty, your son or daughter will love it too. It’s a great wallet for the whole family.


There are even more wallets and clutches on our site. Some are more geared towards men, and some towards women, but everyone will love them anyway.

For a nice, big clutch, try the full-size Roam. It’s almost the same as the Mini, but larger, and with a phone pouch in the back. It’ll hold onto everything you need, including a spare house key or some bobby pins. It’ll carry all your cash, and up to 12 of your cards. It has four attachment points to make it a purse, a wristlet, or even just a wallet. The Roam is even TSA certified, so it can go with you into the air. Take it with you wherever you go; it won’t disappoint.

For a tough, masculine-looking product, try the Element. Its rugged stainless-steel frame is just as tough as it looks. It holds up against even the toughest of situations. A sudden thunderstorm and mud puddles? No problem, its top-grain leather won’t crumble at moisture. A fall out of your pocket onto rocks or concrete? Easily handled. The stainless steel won’t crack under pressure, even if somebody steps on it. Stranger with an RFID skimmer? The Element can even handle that, with its advanced RFID protection. This little wallet can take quite a beating, yet it still looks nice enough to take out on the town.


Anyone can use whatever wallet they please. A woman can carry a slim, or a man can hold a clutch. Whether you need style, space, or strength, don’t let the gender listed on the wallet stop you from buying the one you want. Try a Trayvax product today!

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