Do men prefer bifold wallets or trifolds?

Do men prefer bifold wallets or trifolds?

To start off, it is important to clarify that both types - bi folds and tri folds - have their own respective fan bases. If one of these two types was a clear and definite winner, then the other would have ceased existing in the market. There are some people who prefer to have just a single fold in their wallets while others may be fine with a double fold.

So, in the end, the question actually comes down to this: which men prefer bi folds and which prefer tri folds?

In this post, we are going to take a look at both these types. Furthermore, we are also going to see in which instances are either of them more suitable than the other.

Bi fold wallets

First things first, what is a bi fold wallet for men? This type is basically the good old traditional pocketbook that doubles up once in the middle. To open it, you basically pull apart the two flaps and that's pretty much it.

There are some advantages and perks in this design which makes it a bit of a more popular choice than the tri fold. The first benefit is that the cash stored in it only gets one crease. When there are three sections in the wallet instead of two, then the bills will get bent not from the middle, but from two points along their length. This can be a bit of a bother for a lot of people.

The second benefit is that this design is usually more compact and small-sized. With just two sections, the wallet will be more manageable and easier to carry. And if someone decides to ditch the traditional shape and go for a minimalist wallet, then the size will be even more reduced.

bi fold wallet

Tri fold wallets

On the other hand, this type is where the wallet bends in two places and has a total of three sections. A tri fold wallet may also come with a fastener that holds the body from unraveling when not in use.

The main benefit that this type offers is the amount of space. Since it has three sections, there are a lot of slots for cards as well as additional space for coins and keys etcetera. For people who have to carry around a lot of bank cards and business cards, this design is ideal.

Do men prefer bi folds or tri folds?

And now, we come to the question at hand. After looking at what these two types exactly are and what benefits they offer, we can answer the question as follows:

For people who have to carry around a lot of cash along with a few cards and IDs, the standard billfold with two sections would be the ideal choice. It is sleeker, thinner, and takes up less space when placed in the pocket.

On the other hand, for people who have to mainly carry cards and coins, a three-sectioned pocketbook would be the better choice. While the body would be thicker and more voluminous, the extra space and slots would make up for it.

A Decent Alternative

While both these styles and designs are awesome, there is an alternative and substitute that you can try out in their stead. Enter the slim minimalist wallets.

Instead of going for billfolds and pocketbooks, why not go for something that you can slide right inside your breast pocket? Using these sleek and slim products, you can carry around cards and cash without having to deal with the bulky and sizeable form of traditional pocketbooks.

ascent wallet men slim

Front pocket wallets usually have a straight construction – without any bends. They are great for storing a number of cards along with a few bills; which is typically what an average person needs when going outside.

Trayvax offers a variety of such products for customers with all sorts of budgets and preferences. For leather enthusiasts, you get the Trayvax Ascent, Element, and Contour. For people who prefer something metallic, there is the Original 2.0, the Axis and Armored Summit, etc.

All of these come with awesome features such as RFID protection, and a 65-year heirloom warranty.


And that’s pretty much it. Bi folds and tri folds are both great in their own regard. In the end, it comes down to personal preference and requirement. Some people may like one type while others may prefer the other.

A decent alternative to both of these is minimalistic slim wallets. These products are quite popular nowadays. They allow you to carry your necessities without fattening up your pockets. Their discreet and slim profile also keeps them hidden from pickpockets.

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