Why a Cool Metal Wallet is the Perfect Accessory For Men

Why a Cool Metal Wallet is the Perfect Accessory For Men

Your wallet is your companion. Without it, you wouldn't be able to buy a cup of coffee, enter your office, and so on. It's what carries your cards, cash, etc., which is why it is an indispensable part of your day-to-day ensemble. However, if you're like most men, you've likely overlooked the importance of owning the right wallet.

If we were to ask you to take your wallet out of your pocket, what would we find? We bet you own a bulky bi-fold wallet for men.

We don’t want to be rude but… that’s a bit too “2000s”.

If you want to look cool and put your essentials in a wallet that deserves to be part of your everyday carry, buy a metal wallet ASAP. With a metal wallet for men, you'll be able to elevate your look and live a more orderly life.

In this article, we'll break down the benefits of owning a metal wallet for men, and tackle why it's way better than your bulky bi-fold.

What is a Metal Wallet?

A metal wallet is your bulk-free companion. Unlike a bi-fold wallet for men, it’s meant to be sleeker, slimmer, and simpler. It says goodbye to the bulk and gives you a carefully crafted metal case that’s often made of aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel.

Because it’s made of metal, it’s able to provide more protection than the everyday wallet. For that reason, metal wallets also double as RFID-blocking wallets, which specifically safe-keep the information that’s embedded into your credit cards, passport, and more.

metal wallet for men

What Are the Benefits of a Metal Wallet?

#1 Safety

Pickpockets aren’t the only people you should be worried about. Pickpockets have “evolved” into RFID skimmers. If you don’t know what RFID skimming is, it’s when the information that’s written on your credit card is wirelessly stolen. The problem with it is that can happen even when thieves don’t have their hands on your wallet. It can happen at any time and any place.

Fortunately, with an RFID wallet, you can protect your personal information. Metal wallets can block the radio waves that RFID skimmers use to “download” your data from afar. Another term for this kind of wallet is an RFID-blocking wallet.

#2 Compact Design

What can metal wallets do that other types of wallets can’t? They can maintain their shape at all times. Metal wallets are made from materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, etc., which means that they won’t warp. This allows you to comfortably carry your wallet in the front pocket.

With a metal wallet, you won’t have to worry about the awkward outline that shows up when you stick a wallet into your pocket. And since it’s so slim, that means that pickpockets won’t know that it’s there. Not only will you be fashionable, but you’ll also be safe.

#3 Lightweight

Metal wallets are made from light materials including stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. Want to know how lightweight it is? Empty out your metal wallet, put it in your pocket, you won’t even notice that it’s in there. With a lightweight wallet, you’ll be able to walk more comfortably. You won’t feel like your wallet is always dragging you down.

Keep in mind that since your wallet is that lightweight, you might forget that it’s in your pocket. That’s why you should consider purchasing a clip-on keychain. You can clip one end to your belt loop and the other end to your wallet. That way, your wallet will always be by your side.

#4 Sleek

Get rid of your bulky bi-fold wallet for good. It makes you look unkempt.

One of the main reasons why men like metal wallets is that they look sleek. If you’ve decided to switch to a metal wallet, you’ll be forced to stick to the essentials, like your credit cards and cash. Since you’ve “narrowed down” your everyday carry, you can then put them in a metal wallet that maintains its compact shape. That way, your wallet won’t ruin your look. You’ll always look sleek.

slim metal wallet for men

Not only do metal wallets make you look cool, but they also make your clothing more long-lasting. Unlike bulky wallets that tend to stretch out the material of your pants, metal wallets are compact. You can keep wearing your favorite pair of pants for years to come!

#5 Protect Your Credit Cards

If you carry your credit cards in a bulky bi-fold wallet, you risk breaking them. Every time you sit down, your wallet will be under pressure – even if you’re carrying it in your front pocket. With a metal wallet, you can keep your cards extra safe and extend their useful life.

Plus, if you’re the type of person that wants to keep their folded bills as flat as possible, a metal wallet is your best bet. The Trayvax Contour, for example, can contain up to ten folded bills. It contains a money clip that pins your paper money inside.

metal wallet for men contour

#6 Durable

A metal wallet is as durable as steel… because it is made of stainless steel. If you’re switching to a metal wallet, good choice – one of the pros of using a metal wallet is that it’s incredibly strong. Even if you drop it from a tall structure, it probably won’t break because of its shock-proof profile.

What’s more, metal wallets are waterproof. That’s why they’re the perfect companion for outdoor trips. You won’t have to worry about dropping your wallet into the water. Your cash, cards, and coins will still be dry by the time you retrieve your wallet.

#7 Multi-Purpose

It isn’t rare for a metal wallet to come with tools. For instance, some metal wallets come with built-in bottle openers, because who doesn’t need a bottle opener? An example is the Trayvax Element Wallet, an RFID-blocking wallet with a bottle opener and an attachment point for accessories like carabiner clips.

element mens metal wallet

#8 Easy to Clean

Where has your wallet been? You probably don’t know, do you? To avoid the risk of viruses, make sure to clean your wallet every week. Unfortunately, if you own a wallet that isn’t made of metal, its material can get damaged due to regular cleaning.

The solution? Switch to a metal wallet. With a metal wallet, you’ll be able to wipe it without worrying that you’re damaging it. Metal wallets are made of premium materials that are resistant to rust, so you can always clean them with water. You don’t need to dry it a certain way or use a certain cleaner. In other words, it is low-maintenance.

What Are Some Considerations For Metal Wallet Owners?

Owning a metal wallet can help you look sleeker, but it also comes with a few cons for you to consider. While these aren’t deal-breakers, it is worth knowing what you can anticipate as a metal wallet owner.

#1 Metal Wallets May Set Off Alarms

Don’t be surprised if you set off security detectors at the airport. Your wallet is made of metal, so it’s naturally going to trigger the alarms. Don’t worry, though – if your wallet meets the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) standards, you won’t have to surrender it. If you think your wallet wasn’t made for the skies, you should switch to a bi-fold wallet for men to be safe.

#2 Metal Wallets Won’t Expand

Metal wallets will always maintain their shape. If you fill your metal wallet, you can’t increase its contents. In other words, you won’t have extra room for unexpected additions to your wallet, such as spare cash and coins. If you prefer to pay with bills, you’ll likely put the change in your pocket or make room in your wallet.

Plus, if you planned to put your car keys in your wallet, you should know that this is tricky. Your metal wallet can carry a limited number of items, so you’ll have to buy a key-carry system like the Trayvax Keydex instead.


#3 Cheap Metal Wallets Can Tear Your Pants’ Interior

This is why you should always buy a metal wallet from a reputable brand. Cheap metal wallets will likely tear the interior of your pants pocket. Not only will you end up with a ripped pair of pants, but you’ll probably lose your wallet, as well. Your wallet will fall through the hole without you noticing.

#4 Metal Wallets Can Be Pricey

We won’t lie – the downside is that metal wallets can be expensive. Fortunately, they are also extremely durable (they can last a lifetime), you won’t need to buy a new wallet down the road. You will have to pay a premium price, however, the long-term savings will be well worth it. This, of course, applies only if you purchase a wallet from a well-known manufacturer.

#5 Metal Wallets Can Conduct Heat

Never leave your wallet in a hot car, otherwise, it will conduct heat! While this won’t burn the wallet’s contents, it can become hot to the touch, so it’s best to keep in it the shade or in your pocket. Better yet, buy a carabiner clip keychain to make sure that it sticks to your side, such as the:

  • Trayvax Keyton Clip. The Keyton has a top-grain leather strap and stainless steel clip, making it perfect for men that want a classic clip-on keychain.
  • Trayvax Link EDC Lanyard. The Link is exactly what it says it is – it’s for your essentials or your EDC. Made from climb-spec nylon, it is ideally worn with a hard-wearing wallet and outdoor gear.
  • Trayvax Link Stretch Lanyard. If you want to put your wallet in your pocket, but still be able to clip it to a carabiner clip keychain, buy the Link Stretch Lanyard.

What’s the Best Way to Maintain Your Metal Wallet?

Your metal wallet is so durable that it can last a lifetime, but for that to be possible, you need to make sure that it’s well-maintained. Below, we’ll share a few useful tips on how to maintain your metal wallet for men.

#1 Use a Metal Cleaning Agent

Metal wallets are crafted from titanium, aluminum, and stainless steel. Hence, you can’t clean your wallet in the same way that you would with a leather wallet. Since water isn’t enough, buy a metal cleaning agent to get rid of stubborn spots on the surface. Don’t be too generous, though! You only need a few drops to make it look brand new.

#2 Use a Metal Polishing Paste

Has your metal wallet started to lose its shine? The solution is to use a metal polish. Add a couple of drops onto a polishing cloth and then glide it across the surface. You can use the same product to polish other parts of the wallet including its hardware.

#3 Use Automotive Wax

What do your wallet and your car have in common? They both have metal in them. It’s perfectly safe to use automotive wax to prevent oxidation on your wallet. To use the wax, spread it on the surface of the wallet, and then buff it in with a microfiber towel.

#4 Don’t Push Your Wallet to its Limits

Your metal wallet may be durable, but like most wallets, it has its breaking point. While it probably won’t break from one fall, it will if you put way too much pressure on it. It’s extremely important not to push it to the extreme. Only carry what you need for the day, such as your credit cards, cash, and a few coins. Don’t attempt to over-pack it with items you’re unlikely to need.

#5 Don’t Sit on Your Metal Wallet

You wouldn’t sit on your mobile phone, would you? Break the habit of keeping your metal wallet in your back pocket, as well as sitting on it, because this will cause the wallet to get weaker. If you accidentally sit on it, it won’t break, but if you keep doing it, it will eventually give up.

Who Are Metal Wallets For?

Now that you know the benefits of owning a metal wallet, as well as the key considerations that come with its ownership, you may be wondering if a metal wallet is for you. Ultimately, metal wallets are for all men – and women – that want to embrace minimalism, but they’re perfect for other types of people, too.

  • You’re all about your ensemble. A metal wallet isn’t bulky, so you’ll be able to maintain your ensemble’s sleek look at all times.
  • You are a minimalist. Metal wallets force you to narrow down your day-to-day essentials.
  • You like to go camping, hiking, etc. Metal wallets won’t get damaged or dirty when they’re in the “wild”. Drop your wallet in the water? All you got to do is to wipe it dry. It’s a low-maintenance wallet that you won’t have to worry about your entire trip.

What Are the Best Metal Wallets For Men?

If you’re sold on switching to a metal wallet now, we’ve narrowed down your options for you:

#1 Trayvax Original 2.0

Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, the Trayvax Original 2.0 is a one-of-a-kind wallet that is sure to make other men stop and stare. Its structure consists of metal plates that are held in place by a MIL-SPEC paracord to give the wallet a bit of “breathing room”. It comes in five colors – even unconventional ones such as blue and green. The Trayvax Original 2.0 can hold up to 15 cards and 5 folded bills.

original metal mens wallet

#2 Trayvax Axis Wallet

Can’t let go of your bi-fold? Meet at the middle with a wallet that’s made of metal, but is also a bi-fold wallet. The Trayvax Axis Wallet is an example of an innovative wallet that’s bi-fold wallet at the core but comes with the convenience of a metal wallet. As Trayvax’s take on the classic bi-fold, it combines stainless steel with durable nylon.

#3 Trayvax Contour Wallet

The Trayvax Contour is a CNC-machined metal wallet that pays tribute to the leather of bi-fold wallets. It doubles as an RFID-blocking wallet and can carry up to 13 cards at a time, as well as 10 folded bills. It can be tailor-made to your taste as it allows you to choose the color and the metal material (raw, black, brass, or titanium).


If you started this article unsure if you should switch to a metal wallet, we hope that we’ve convinced you that you should. With a metal wallet, you’ll be able to look better and protect your wallet’s contents. By saying goodbye to your bi-fold wallet, you can experience what it’s like to own a metal wallet that’s made from the best of the best materials like stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. In addition, you can carry your everyday essentials worry-free, as a metal wallet can withstand whatever you throw at it.

At Trayvax, we carefully craft metal wallets for men using hard-wearing materials including stainless steel, aircraft-grade aluminum, and more. We take the time to make sure that every wallet exceeds your expectations because we know it’ll be by your side for an extended time.

Check out our wide collection of metal wallets for men (and women too, because why not?) today. You’re sure to find something that sparks your interest.

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J Dominic

J Dominic

I have an Original 2.0 and it is hands down my favorite wallet that I’ve had in decades. It’s lived a tough life with my keys in the same pocket and the screwdriver/pry tab along with the bottle opener have never failed to deliver.

The patina it’s acquired over the last few years has made it look even better and have even had a few Ridge wallet owners comment on its look.



Thrilled by my Travax original 2.0. I’ve used the original version for a few years now and the 2.0 replaced everything I did not enjoy about the original.

Great product and great company!

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