Best Key Holders to Buy in 2023

Best Key Holders to Buy in 2023

What’s one thing that you should never leave the house without? Your keys. Whether it’s your car keys or your house keys, checking if your keys are in your pocket has become a habit. After all, without your keys, how else will you get to work or unlock the door when you get home?

Many men rely on keychains to collect their keys, but key holders have several advantages over them. For one, key holders take up less space. They also get rid of the rattling sound that keys make when they’re put in the pocket. Some keyholders also come with tools such as screwdrivers and pocket knives.

If you’re on the market for a keychain key holder, check out our top picks:

Best Key Holders to buy in 2023

#1 KeySmart Classic

The KeySmart Classic can accommodate up to fourteen keys. Crafted from aircraft aluminum, it’s incredibly light. You can attach it to a clip keychain and not have to worry about the weight in your pocket. Thanks to its loop attachment, you can easily clip it to a keychain for a key fob. At four inches, it’s a compact key holder that can “unite” your bulky set of keys into one sleek unit.

loop lanyard

#2 Bellroy Leather Key Cover

If you’re looking for a key holder that offers a premium feel, you won’t be disappointed with the Bellroy Leather Key Cover. A bi-fold case, its cover boasts a fine leather finish that comes in five classic colors. At a mere three inches tall, the key holder can easily fit inside your front pocket, sparing enough room for other keychain accessories.

#3 Keyport Pivot Essential Bundle

Have you ever wanted your everyday carry (EDC) essentials to include a screwdriver, wrench, etc., but you’ve never had enough space? If that’s the case, you can finally have the EDC of your dreams with the Keyport Pivot Essential Bundle. Unlike other keychain accessories, it doubles as a durable multi-tool, so you can have everything you could ever need in one unit. The Pivot is crafted from aircraft aluminum and features a pivot (obviously) to organize your standard-size keys.

#4 Trayvax Keydex

The Trayvax Keydex offers a fuss-free way to keep your keys in place. Manufactured from stainless steel, the Keydex is a lightweight key-carry system that can keep up to twelve keys. Securely clip it to your pocket to keep your keys from falling out whenever you take out your front pocket wallet. It consolidates your keys into a single unit so they no longer scratch the rest of the items in your pocket. It also comes with an attachment point so you can clip it to a keychain for a key fob -- like the one on your car keys.


#5 KeySmart Pro with Tile Key Organizer

A Tile is a tiny device that helps you locate everyday items. KeySmart has integrated this technology into its smart key holder, the KeySmart Pro. This key holder can keep up to ten keys, but its stand-out feature is the Tile tracker that can help you locate your keys in no time. Crafted from aluminum, it keeps your keys together so they no longer rattle around.

What to Look For in a Key Holder

It’s crucial to consider these factors when choosing a key holder. Read on to know what to look for in a key organizer:

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#1 Weight

Choose a key holder that won’t add weight. Low-profile key holders can help you keep your keys in one place without your pocket getting too packed. While bulkier key holders tend to come with more tools, if your daily routine doesn’t involve adventure, then there’s really no reason to buy a bulky key holder.

#2 Material

Keyholders are usually made from the following materials: aluminum, weather, carbon fiber, and stainless steel. While they all have their advantages, key holders made from metal tend to be more durable.

#3 Capacity

This depends on the number of keys that you need on a daily basis. Standard key holders can keep up to ten keys, but there are bigger key holders that can accommodate more than that. When buying a key holder, be sure to check how many keys you already have in your keychain key holder.

Bottom Line

Losing your keys is a problem that you’re probably too familiar with. Fortunately, with a key holder, you can keep your keys in one place and never have to worry about losing them ever again. If you’re in the market for a key holder, keychain with a carabiner, or any other item that has something to do with keys, check out Trayvax’s assortment of keychain accessories today

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