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Which RFID Protector is Best?

Which RFID Protector is Best?

Trayvax offers many RFID-protecting wallets and accessories, each with different features. Some are metal, some leather, a few even have nylon. This article will show you what the top five have to offer.


If you already have a wallet, and need additional protection for it, give this simple metal plate a try. It’s nothing fancy, just a card-sized insert, but it does the job it was made for. The heat-resistant steel plating and durable melonite finish come together to make a sturdy plate that keeps the cards behind it safe. No data thief can contend with this tough shield. Like many of Trayvax’s metal products, it comes with an integrated bottle opener, so it has more uses than just as a data lock. Simple and straightforward.

RFID Armor Plate


For the fashion-forward men, who want their hair looking sharp and their cards staying safe, the Shift Wallet Comb is the perfect choice. It has two different sets of teeth: one wider for long hair and beard maintenance, and a finer set for closer styling. Whichever you need, the Shift Comb will be there to keep you looking nice.

When you’re done touching up, crack open a beer with its integrated bottle opener, and spread the happy hour joy. On your way home, tuck it into your wallet. Its metal design is perfect to block any nefarious RFID signals you walk past, and it’s easily removed when you want to go for a touchless payment at your local grocery store. This nifty little comb is only so low on the list because it’s not an actual wallet. But if you need a comb, and want your data to stay safe, you can’t go wrong with this.



It may look like a simple wallet, with titanium and screws holding it together, but that’s all this metal, front pocket wallet needs to keep your cards safe. And it keeps plenty of them safe; up to 13 cards can fit within this wallet. Its secure closure, and strong attachment point, secures it from physical pickpockets too. It’s a unique wallet for a unique shopper, and is sure to be a conversation starter at any party, with its bottle opener. And like all our wallets, it’s made in the USA and comes backed by our 65-year Heirloom Warranty.


For the writer on the go, this notebook wallet is perfect. Anything from shopping lists to the beginnings of the next great American novel, can fit in here. With space for a bullet pen, you can write or doodle the instant that inspiration strikes. And you don’t have to worry about any weirdos scanning your cards as you write. This RFID blocking wallet will keep them away. It has increased RFID resistance, so it’s even harder to crack the cards. So, keep writing with more peace of mind.

summit notebook rdif wallet leather


Trayvax has so many incredible RFID-blocking wallets to choose from; not all of them could make the list. The Trayvax Axis falls just short of these other excellent wallets. But it does have its own merits. This bifold wallet is slim, and fits in a front pocket easily. Its metal and nylon construction is durable, secure and cruelty-free. It has an easy-access ID window, for showing your date of birth to the bartender with minimal fumbling. There\'s even a hidden keyholder and coin pouch, to keep your valuables on your person. And like all the other items on this list, it blocks RFID skimmers from getting your data.


This is the best metal RFID wallet we have, with up to 95.1% RFID protection. This minimalist wallet will keep your cards as safe as Fort Knox. The ultra-thin design fits any pocket, and the steel, nylon and melonite finish keeps your cards safe from any drops, scuffs or scratches. An integrated money clip keeps your bills safe too. It even has an ID Display, if you need one.



Trayvax has RFID-blocking wallets and accessories for all needs. The Armor Plate is perfect for a simple protector. Fashionable men go for the Shift Wallet comb to keep their hair neat and cards safe. If you want a cool metal wallet, try the Contour Wallet. For writing, give the Summit a go. And if you need the ultimate RFID protection, the Armored Summit Wallet is the best one on the market.

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