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What Do You Always Take with You?

What Do You Always Take with You?

In these busy times, there are a lot of things people need to carry with them. From phones, to notepads, and of course credit cards, here are some important things I keep with me.


One of the most important things nowadays is a person’s cell phone. It has everything from their photos to their payment information, to many vital passwords. And most importantly, it’s there to make calls. There’s a lot that goes into such a little machine, so it’s something that always leaves the house when I do. If you need an easy way to keep your phone close at hand, try the Roam Clutch. It’s big enough to hold your phone, but small enough not to get in the way. And its soft wool interior won’t scratch your screen. Keep your phone close and protected with Trayvax.


I’m a writer, so I always have a notepad with me. You never know when inspiration will strike, after all. For me, it tends to happen while I wait for the bus. I don’t want to forget what I think of, so a small notepad is a lifesaver. With Trayvax’s Summit Notebook wallet, a men’s notebook wallet, everyone can write down whatever they need, whenever they need to. It comes with a built-in Rite in the Rain notepad, and space for a Fisher Bullet Space Pen. Whether it’s a brand-new character, a dazzling article idea, or just a to-do list, the Summit Notebook Wallet can keep it all close.

notepad men leather


I have recently taken a liking to glass-bottled sodas, such as Mexican Coca-Cola and fancy root beers. Opening these by hand is painful, and sometimes even impossible. So I keep a bottle opener, shaped like a hammer, on hand to open them. Sometimes, though, I wish it was a little easier than that. What if I told you your wallet could be a bottle opener? It’s true. The Trayvax Contour, a cool metal wallet, has a built-in bottle opener, for those times you’re getting drinks with your friends. The eye-catching design is sure to make your happy hours a little more fun, too.


The best thing to keep in your wallet is ways to pay. Whether that’s a credit card, a debit card, or good old-fashioned cash. The convenience of modern-day cards can’t be overstated. Special RFID technology can pay for your groceries or lunch without even taking your card out of your pocket.  Unfortunately, this can come at a cost. In this day and age, there are RFID skimmers that can take your card information if you aren’t careful. So be careful with the Trayvax Armored Summit, the best RFID-blocking wallet. It’s made in the USA, offers up to 95.1% RFID protection, and has a 65-year Heirloom Warranty backing it.


Another important card to keep in your wallet is your ID or driver’s license. If you need to get into somewhere with age restriction (like a bar), get pulled over by the police, or, worst-case scenario, need to be identified after an accident, this little card is vital. If you have small pockets, it might be difficult to carry your ID around. With the ultra-slim Ascent wallet, this won’t be a problem. This wallet can hold up to 7 cards in a small front pocket, so you can pull out your ID as soon as you reach the bar, or when the officer asks for it. And if you’re taking a plane, there’s no need to worry. The Ascent wallet is TSA-approved, so you can show your ID at the gate and get on that flight with no issues.


When you’re travelling out of the country, a passport is one of the most important items to have with you. If you don’t have it, you’re not getting on the plane. Keep this most important little document safe with the Trayvax Explorer. This wallet is big enough to hold your passport, ID cards, boarding pass, and enough money to keep your trip going smoothly. It’ll keep everything safe and sound in its Horween leather pouches and secure sleeves. Your passport will survive everything from the X-Ray machine, to drops into puddles, to an accidental collision with a cart. This wallet really works!

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From phones to IDs, there are many important things to take with you when you go out. And Trayvax’s quality wallets can help you carry them all!

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