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Do RFID Wallets Ruin Credit Cards?

Do RFID Wallets Ruin Credit Cards?

There are always questions when new technology is introduced. Some people have taken to wondering whether RFID-blocking wallet technology can ruin credit cards. Well, fortunately, there’s good news on that front!


After multiple studies, there is no evidence that RFID-blocking wallets can damage credit cards. They are passive blockers, more like a shield or a Faraday cage for your cards. These wallets have been tested on both chip and stripe cards, and neither have shown any adverse effects. They literally just block the magnet-to-magnet communication from occurring, which is especially useful when those with nefarious intentions are using RFID scanners. Sure, it can make contactless payment a bit more difficult, but safety is more important than a few seconds of inconvenience.


The first thing you should do is calm down. Your cards are safe. Actually, they’re even safer with the RFID-blocking technology. If you don’t have an RFID-blocking wallet yet, maybe you should get one. There are many different varieties, and we at Trayvax have some of the best:


If you’re looking for a slim, front pocket wallet, try the Ascent. It’s a minimalist leather wallet, made in the USA. Despite its slim design, it can keep your cards safe with the best of them. RFID protection is so easy, even the slimmest wallets can use it. And it can keep up to 7 of your cards, and all the data on them, protected.

ascent wallet rfid

If you prefer something attention-grabbing, give the Trayvax Contour a try. You can get this RFID steel wallet made with high quality titanium or brass too, complete with money clip, and it looks like no other wallet on the market. It has a metal frame with a leather strap, has an integrated bottle opener, and stretches over time to fit all the cards you have. The cards will be protected, too, with this unique-looking wallet safely tucked in your front pocket.

contour rfid wallet

To bridge the gap between the Ascent and the Contour, the Element is a good, middle of the road wallet. It’s slim, RFID-blocking, and elegant. But that’s not to say that it isn’t durable. This wallet is made with a rugged stainless-steel frame, top-grain, oil-tanned leather, and pure American toughness. No RFID skimmer will be taking your information from this little wallet. It comes in a number of colors, from steel grey, to a sleek black. Impress your friends, and your special someone, when you pull this out of your front pocket on a night out.

element rfid wallet


Want one with more uses than just carrying cards? The Summit Notebook has you covered. It may just look like your average black or brown leather wallet, but it has a few surprises inside. The biggest of these is the special Rite in the Rain notebook. It’s perfect for everything you’d need to write down on the go, like a shopping list or a creative idea you’d like to remember. It even has space for a small pen, which is also included. Your ideas, and up to 8 of your cards, will be safe with its increased RFID resistance. Give this fun and functional wallet a space in your pocket.

Are you extra worried? Do you want the best RFID protection available? Then the Armored Summit wallet is what you need. It offers up to 95.1% RFID protection, for up to 7 of your cards. It doesn’t just protect them from skimmers, it also protects them from falls and weather, with its durable metal design and melonite finish. Almost nothing can get to your cards now, except you.


If you already have a wallet, and just want something to keep it protected, we have the Shift Wallet Comb. It’s exactly what it sounds like: A small wallet comb that keeps you looking good, and your credit cards safe. It has two sets of teeth. One is wider, for longer hair and beards, and the other is finer, perfect for styling. And in true Trayvax fashion, it even has an integrated bottle opener, to pop open a beer after you’ve finished touching up. No thief will know that this simple little comb is protecting your wallet.


There\'s no need to worry. RFID-blocking wallets are perfectly safe for all of your cards, and keep them safe too. Whether they’re chip or stripe cards, they won’t break in an RFID wallet. Pick one up today!

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