Why are Women’s Wallets so Big?

Why are Women’s Wallets so Big?

Women tend to have larger, bulkier wallets than men. Why could that be? There are actually a number of reasons for this, including a lack of pockets and needing to hold onto more things. There are, however, other ways to take care of these issues. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these larger wallets, and the various solutions to the problem.


When your outfit doesn’t have pockets, you need a wallet big enough to carry in your hand. For some women, this means using a long wallet for men. It might not look pretty, but it does the job. A good wallet for this purpose is the Renegade wallet with zipper. With nothing fancier than a brand stamp, and a low price tag, it’s the best minimalist wallet for a budget. Despite its low price tag, it’s not cheaply made, either. This wallet is made with top-grain leather and heavy-duty nylon stitching. A locking YKK zipper pull keeps your cards and cash safe, and the attachment point works well for a wrist strap. With its two internal compartments, it can even keep cash and cards separated.

There’s also the Ascent slim wallet, if you’d rather not carry a bulky wallet everywhere. It’s able to fit in a small pocket or big purse, and can hold up to 7 cards and 5 folded bills. It even has a quick access pull tab, if you need to get your cards fast. Not only is it slim, though, it’s strong. The Ascent is made with top-grain leather and a finish of durable melonite, and is guaranteed to last a lifetime. All of these have combined to make this little wallet very popular. With over 2300 5-star reviews, the Ascent is a hot seller!


There are things women need that men often don’t, which means more open space needed. Many women carry makeup, hair products, and period needs, which won’t fit into your average men’s slim wallet. Leather clutches, like the Trayvax Roam, are perfect for this scenario. The Roam Clutch is a leather clutch with an added strap and a large cell phone pouch. Its side pockets can fit a spare key or a tube of Chapstick, and the inside is perfectly sized for any bills, cards, or even a few pads. With its high-quality, durable leather and soft wool interior, it’s luxurious, but it also helps to get the job done. Its four attachment points allow for a number of different ways to be carried.

roam womens wallet clutch leather

If you’d rather have a steppingstone that can be both a wallet and a purse, that’s where the Roam Mini comes in. It may lack some of the room of the full-size clutch, but it can still hold hair products, a key, and even a cell phone. It can even hold up to 12 cards. Three snap closures work together to keep all your belongings safe, and the four attachment points can be mixed and matched to wear the clutch however you want. The Roam Mini is the perfect small clutch for the woman who wants something easy to carry.


Finally, women’s wallets are big because it’s just fashionable. Wallets have evolved to have lots of fun patterns and designs. If you want something attention-getting without the bulk, look into the Trayvax Contour. Its titanium design makes it the RFID steel wallet women will love. It’s slim enough to fit into a purse or small pocket, and its unique metal design contains an integrated bottle opener.  It comes in multiple types of metal, too. The Contour can hold up to 13 cards and 10 folded bills. It might not have any quirky sayings or leopard-print patterns, but it’s unique, durable, and best of all, built to last. The Contour, like all of Trayvax’s wallets, comes backed by our 65-year Heirloom Warranty.

contour rfid wallet leather

Another fun wallet, but for other reasons, is the Summit Men’s Notebook Wallet. It’ll attract attention simply because of what it is: A wallet with a notebook and pen contained within. It’s perfect for writing on the beach, or checking off a list at the store. Turn heads while writing at any angle in the included Rite in the Rain notebook.

notebook summit leather


Women’s wallets tend to be larger than men’s for multiple reasons. From style, to lack of pocket space, to all the items a woman needs. Trayvax wallets and clutches offer solutions to these problems with less bulk.

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