Best Minimalist Wallets for Men in 2021

Best Minimalist Wallets for Men in 2021

When was the last time you organized your bi-fold wallet for men? Chances are that it’s been some time. By now, it’s probably bursting with clutter, such as receipts, chewing gum wrappers, and more. Not only does this make your wallet big and bulky, but it also creates creases in your pants that ruin your entire ensemble.

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The solution? A slim wallet.

With a minimalist wallet, you won’t even notice that you’re carrying a wallet. Since it’s so slim and small, it can fit anywhere -- even in the front pocket of your tightest pair of trousers.



Why do you need a minimalist wallet?

By “slimming down” your wallet, you’re saying “yes” to a minimalist lifestyle. Often, minimalist leather wallets are designed for carrying only a couple of cards and a few pieces of paper money. That’s why many of the best minimalist wallets are slim money clip-card holders. The focus on credit cards forces the user to bring only what they need on a day-to-day basis.

Minimalist wallets serve a variety of purposes. One of which is to reduce the creases on one’s clothing. Another reason to have a minimalist leather wallet is to split up your stuff. Many men -- particularly travelers -- have found that separating your cards and cash is safer as it reduces the risk of losing it all. Since minimalist wallets are small and slim, having multiple wallets doesn’t mean you’ll have a bulky bag.

What are the best minimalist wallets for men?

#1 Herschel Supply Charlie Wallet

Buying a wallet on a budget? Check out the Herschel Supply Charlie Wallet. It’s a super slim wallet that’s available in a variety of patterns, prints, and colors. The Charlie Wallet is also found in Herschel’s Evan Hecox collection, which is a collaboration with the Colorado-based artist. It’s complete with several card slots as well as a slip pocket for storing cash.

#2 HuMn Minimalist RFID Wallet

The HuMn Minimalist RFID Wallet is one of the slimmest wallets we’ve ever seen. It features a slim silhouette (imagine a scaled-up sim card) that comes in unconventional and uniquely named colors such as Forest Green, Neon Pink, and Sunkissed Orange. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, it’s able to block RFID.

#3 Timberland Smooth Leather Tri-Fold Wallet

Timberland takes the lead when it comes to craftsmanship. Through the years, they’ve created simple and sophisticated wallets that continue to withstand the test of time. The Timberland Smooth Leather Tri-Fold Wallet is a perfect example of this. Crafted from fine Italian leather, the trifold wallet has six credit card slots and an accessible compartment for cash. Despite being a trifold wallet, it’s incredibly thin and it can easily slip inside your coat pocket.

#4 Trayvax Ascent Wallet

The Trayvax Ascent Wallet is a minimalist leather wallet that needs to be included in your everyday carry. Crafted from fine leather and accented by saddle-stitching, the Ascent Wallet was designed to be around for a long time. It’s complete with easy-access slots that can store as many as seven cards, as well as a cash slot for paper money. The wallet looks like it’s “cradling” your cards, which means that it’s incredibly compact.

#5 Bric Monte Rosa Padded Money Clip

If you’re looking for a slim money clip wallet that’s as basic as can be, consider the Bric Monte Rosa Padded Money Clip. Unlike many money clip-card holders that can hold cards, the Monte Rosa can only carry cash. It may not have card slots, but it does have a super-strong magnet to hold your money tightly. You can be confident that your paper money will never slip out. If you’re planning on paying with cash (say you’re traveling to a sketchy area), this wallet is your best bet.

#6 Trayvax Axis Wallet

The Trayvax Axis Wallet is unlike any other bi-fold wallet out there. It’s a metal wallet for men that’s made of durable steel and held together by a tactical lanyard. Its slim silhouette allows you to store it inside your pants pocket without creating any creases. The adjustable card strap lets you carry as many as fourteen cards, while the money clip can hold up to eight bills. And as if this wallet couldn’t get any more cooler, it also boasts RFID-blocking technology to protect your data at all times.

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Where can you find the best minimalist wallets for men?

If you’re looking for the best minimalist wallet, take your time to browse Trayvax’s collection. We have a wide assortment of wallets that are made from the finest materials such as metal and leather. We have wallets for everyone!

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