One good thing that you will notice about Trayvax merch is the diversity of prices. We offer products that agree with both: the bourgeois and the proletariat.

So, in this post, we are going to answer the above question in two different parts. Firstly, we will look at the affordable option suitable for all and sundry. Afterward, we will move on to the more exotic slim minimalist wallet.

The Original 2.0

As far as metal wallets for men are concerned, you won't find a better option in our offered products than the Original 2.0. This thing comes with the whole package: looks, utility, and durability. And yeah, it's affordable as well.

The front plate of the Original 2.0 is made using aircraft-grade aluminum, and the back is made of stainless steel. Even if you accidentally sit on it at one point or the other, or if you happen to drop it from a height, you won't have to worry about your cards getting damaged or warped.

With the Original, you get a remarkable capacity of up to FIFTEEN cards and five folded bills. The design is scalable, which means that it gets as thick as the number of cards you want to carry in it. You can pull the plates close or push them apart by loosening and tightening the paracord.

original 2.0 wallet

You get an integrated metal money clip at the back for holding the cash. The five-bill capacity can be enough for when you want to carry around some for emergencies.

At the front, you get a little window that you can use to thumb through your cards and take out the one you need. If you have an RFID-enabled card in your stack, you can take comfort in the RFID protection that this wallet offers.

The best part about all these excellent features listed above is that you only have to pay $34.99 to get them. The black, grey, blue, and OD green colors are all available in this price range, whereas the G10 version comes in at $44.99. G10 is a fiberglass laminate, and it can make the construction even more durable. The aesthetics are a bonus as well.

Trayvax Contour

Now, let's move on to the more expensive stuff.

With the Contour tactical wallet, you get to enjoy a clear and baring design with a capacity of up to 13 cards and 10 bills. This, by the way, highlights the versatility of this product. The Original 2.0 had the impressive capacity of holding on to a 15-card stack, but it lacked in the cash space with a limit of just 5. However, the Contour (while falling short in the card capacity) compensates nicely with the added cash room.

contour mens minimalist slim wallet

The leather element in this front pocket wallet is an excellent and elegant touch. While the mainframe and front-side are made with CNC-machined metal (we say 'metal' because you can actually choose the exact material when making your purchase), the strap and back are made with top-grain genuine leather.

Top-grain leather is one of the best types and is only second to full-grain leather. You will be able to enjoy the durability and strength of the material, as well as the patina shade. The latter develops after some time though.

When buying the Contour, there are quite a few options and choices that you can choose from for the metallic part as well as the leather. For the former, you get the choice of choosing between raw, black, brass, and titanium. All of these have different price tags; titanium being the most expensive and raw being the least.

The leather clasp can be adjusted and moved. You can do that as per your need and preference. Another awesome thing about the leather strap is that you can buy a replacement individually from Trayvax. If you happen to damage the strap, you can visit the product page for the Contour, and buy a new one.


So, there you have it. These were two of the most awesome wallets that you can buy here at Trayvax. The feature that makes them good for people with a ton of cards is their expansive capacity.

For people who use their cards for the majority of their purchases, the Original 2.0 is the better option since it has a greater card capacity. On the other hand, people who are still somewhat reliant on cash should go for the Contour, since it can hold up to 10 bills at one time.

The prices, however, have to be considered as well. You could, for the price of the Titanium version of the Trayvax Contour, get around five of the standard-colored (grey, green, blue, and black) Originals. Yeesh.

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