If you somehow get your bank cards bent, you won't be able to use them except in some rare cases.

The ATM might spit it back out, and the cashier at the store may also not be able to get it to fit inside the scanner. However, if the bend is somewhere in the middle, and the chip at the end is still fine, then you could still use the tap & pay feature.

Nevertheless, walking around with a bent bank card is risky. You could find yourself in need of cash at any time, and not having access to the ATM can be pretty troublesome.

In this post, we are looking at six innovative wallets that you can use without worrying about them bending your card stack. Let's dive right into it.

Trayvax Ascent - $59.99

If you are a fan of genuine leather, think about snagging one of these. The Trayvax Ascent comes with an elegant and aesthetic construction, with a dominating leather element. The 4-7 card and 1-5 bill capacity are not mind-blowing compared to other slim wallets for men like the Axis and Original 2.0, but it can be enough for people who want to carry a moderate amount of them.

ascent mens wallet

The closed design could make you think that you would have to do some pinching and squeezing to get your cards out, but it's not so. The pull tab makes the whole thing smooth and easy.

Armored Summit - $34.99

The Armored Summit front pocket wallet is one of our more affordable options. If you are looking for something slim and sleek with a no-frills design, you should think about getting one of them.

Thanks to the metal construction, you won't have to worry about getting your cards bent. The design is narrow and thin, which further adds to the durability and firmness of the wallet. 

You can store up to 7 cards in the Armored Summit and 1-5 folded bills.

Original 2.0 – Starting at $34.99

The Original 2.0 is one of our prized masterpieces. It combines incredible looks, tough durability, and affordability for an all-in-one excellent package. The availability of different colors can help you add a touch of your own, and make this tactical wallet unique and personalized.

The Original 2.0 comes with a hard construction, featuring a stainless-steel plate at the back and an aluminum one at the front. Once your card stack is sandwiched between these two materials, they won't bend or warp.

Trayvax Axis - $44.99

If you are looking for a wallet that doesn't take as much space as a traditional bi-fold, but at the same time gives the multi-compartmental utility, take a looksie at the Axis. With the Axis, you can open up both plates to reveal a metal money clip and a hidden coin/key pocket.

The baring front design gives you a clear view of the inside. You can use this window to instantly check any detail on your top card or to show someone a pass or ID.

Like other wallets discussed on this list, the Axis also comes with metallic construction.

Trayvax Element - $69.99

With the Element, the leather front could make you think as if there isn't a lot of rigidity to keep your stack of cards from bending. However, if you take a look at it from the side (which, by the way, you can do on the product page), you will notice the steel frame around which this whole thing is built. Yep, this slim minimalist wallet isn't going to bend very soon.

element mens wallet

One of the unique and distinct features of the Element is the hidden money clip at the back. By unfastening the strap from the front, you can open up the back flap to reveal the clip.

Trayvax Contour – Starting at $139.99

The Contour is among our expensive and exotic products. You can gauge that from the price alone; which starts at $139.99 and goes up to $199.99 (for the titanium variant).

However, if you can easily afford it, the Contour is definitely worth getting. The sleek and elegant design features a CNC-machined plate along with oil-tanned genuine leather. It has an awesome capacity of 1-13 cards and 1-10 folded bills.


While we, for the sake of brevity, did stick to a brief and short description of each of these wallets, you can check them out in detail by visiting the individual product pages. Whether you're looking for something on a budget, or whether you're looking to go a little exotic, we got what you need.

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