The Best Pens That Write On Any Surface

The Best Pens That Write On Any Surface

Are you sick of having your ink all smeared around just because the paper got a bit of water on it? What about when you have to write on something greasy and oily?

If you are someone who spends a lot of time around water and other types of messy surfaces, you’ll know the pain of keeping your pen and paper safe and dry all the time. What if there is a solution for that? What if some awesome pens can write on different types of surfaces without giving you any problem?

Trayvax Bullet Space Pen

Well, there is. If you want to go for something that comes with some incredible writing abilities as well as hefty body durability, try out the Trayvax Bullet Space Pen.

bullet space pen

This one is our take on the standard Fisher Space Pens. The latter are generally known for their versatile usability such as the potential to write at high altitudes, extreme temperatures, and unusual angles. All of these perks are available in the Bullet Space as well. Furthermore, there is an additional benefit that you can enjoy, and that is the looks.

Featuring a coated brass body with a golden logo and tagline inscription near the top, the Trayvax Bullet (it does look a bit like a .50 caliber bullet, doesn’t it) can be one aesthetic addition to your everyday pocket carry. Match this with a slim minimalist wallet, like our Trayvax Contour, and you’ll have an elegant and compact combination to carry around throughout your day.

You could be a bit hesitant about coughing up $36.99 for just one ballpoint. Don’t worry, there’s a better deal that you can consider going for. You can opt for the Summit Notebook minimalist wallet instead.

With the Summit Notebook, you will get a nice and convenient place to store your cards and cash/notebook, along with the Trayvax Bullet included and fitted in a holder at the top.

summit notebook and space bullet pen

INKZALL Liquid Paint Markers

While the product offered by Trayvax is good for people who only have to work with wet and greasy surfaces, the INKZALL liquid paint markers come with a different utility. These things are made to be used in busy construction sites and factories, where all the available surfaces are rough, abrasive, and messed with different fluids.

You can use them to write on materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, concrete, black pipe etcetera. Since they are markers, they don’t have the same type of thin writing as you would expect from a ballpoint. But, still, they can write on different types of surfaces easily, and that is what you need when you want to take notes during your day.

The sizable body of the INKZALL can also make it easy for you to carry it around in a small pocket or compartment in a heavy duty web belt or a tactical webbing belt.

Sharpie PRO

We all know about the standard sharpie pens. But, if you are looking for something that can write well on wet and oily surfaces, try going a bit bigger.

The Sharpe PRO, like the one by INKZALL, can work with dirty and rough surfaces, which makes it a good companion to have when working in places like factories and construction sites. The point is quite fine. While you won’t have as thin of a script as you would get with a ballpoint, the writing will still be pretty narrow and easily readable.

The Sharpie PRO has a non-slip body that you can hold on to even with your wet and sweaty hands. The tip is also durable and made to endure rough handling and usage.

When buying a pack, you get four of these all at once. If you don’t want to make repeated trips to the store, buying a pack can be time-saving and convenient.


If you haven’t ever faced the trouble of writing on wet and oily surfaces, you probably won’t be as careful and meticulous about your choice of stationery. But, here’s the thing. Once your surroundings start to get r0ugh and dirty, your old lead pencil won’t be of much use to you.

That’s why you need to get your hands on some tough and durable pens that can write on different types of surfaces without giving you any problems. In the list above, we looked at some that you can consider buying.

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