What Color Wallet Should You Use? 5 Tips on Choosing a Wallet

What Color Wallet Should You Use? 5 Tips on Choosing a Wallet

A wallet isn’t only an accessory that carries your essentials such as your cards and cash. It’s also a fashionable piece that’s part of your day-to-day ensemble. Hence, when shopping for a new wallet, you should consider what color is the right color. In this guide, we will share a few tips on choosing the right wallet color.

How to Choose a Wallet Color

You should put a lot of thought into choosing the color of your wallet. Since you probably won’t buy another wallet any time soon, it’s extremely important to get this one right -- especially if you’re buying a wallet from a luxury brand.

#1 Consider Feng Shui

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy that involves the position of certain pieces in order to create harmony in an environment. It contemplates that the Earth’s elements are interconnected and that by placing them in their proper positions, one can create balance and enhance their chi. In other words, the idea of feng shui is that what you choose to surround yourself with can affect your life.

By choosing the right wallet color, you can “convince” the universe the shower you with wealth. Below is a guide on picking the right color for your front pocket wallet, based on feng shui:

  • Black. A black leather wallet for men reflects prosperity. Black is considered one of the best colors for men’s bi-fold wallets as it attracts wealth.
  • Red. Red is a bad color because it reflects fire. If you use a red wallet, you’d be “setting fire” to your finances. Don’t use a red wallet if you want to stop spending.
  • Green. Green is a good color as it’s the color of life. Opting for a green wallet such as the Original 2.0 Wallet is said to open opportunities for income.
  • Brown. Brown stands for stability. By using a brown leather wallet for men, you’ll be able to hold onto your wealth.
  • Yellow. Yellow is an ‘in-between’ color as it represents the changing of seasons. If you don’t want your finances to be swept away now and then, invest in other wallets like a black leather wallet for men.

black leather wallet for men

#2 Choose a Color that Complements Your Style

When choosing a color for your wallet, go for a color that complements your usual style. Consider the colors in your wardrobe, as well as what your outfit consists of. If you often wear neutrals such as brown and beige, a brown leather wallet for men is a great choice. On the other hand, if you like metallic accessories, a metal front pocket wallet is your best bet. If your fashion sense is varied, it’s advisable to buy a wallet that complements the color of your belt.

original turquoise metal wallet color

#3 Choose a Color that Pleases You

Who are you buying your wallet for, if not for yourself? Buy a wallet in a color that would make you happy when you look at it. At the end of the day, you decide what wallet color you should choose. If you choose a color that doesn’t “spark joy”, you won’t be pleased each time you take it out to pay. Who cares if your wallet is an unconventional color?

#4 Consider How the Wallet Will Look as It Ages

Certain wallet colors show more wear and tear compared to others. Since a wallet is the kind of accessory that you use daily, make sure that it won’t look too worn too soon. Opt for dull colors if there’s a chance that your wallet will get dirty, such as a black leather wallet for men or a brown leather wallet for men. If you want a wallet that’s so easy to clean, choose a metal wallet with a money clip.

#5 Consider Your Image

What do you want people to think when they see your wallet? Do you want to be seen as a wealthy businessman, or do you want them to think you’re laid-back? Your wallet’s color says a lot about you, so be sure to choose the one that creates the desired result. For instance, if you’re attending a networking event, your colleagues probably won’t think you’re serious if you whip out a red wallet.

Final Thoughts

Keep these five tips in mind whenever you window-shop for a new wallet. At Trayvax, we have a wide selection of men’s wallets that come in a variety of colors. Whether you’re in the market for a wallet that shows wealth or one that suits your style, we’ve got the wallet for you.

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