What are Front Pocket Wallets?

What are Front Pocket Wallets?

There’s an old school method for carrying a wallet where the user stuffs a big hunk of junk in their back pocket and continues with their day. For many decades, this is how most men carried their wallets. Unfortunately, by the end of the day, many were left with sore backs (that is unless a pickpocket managed to snag it first).

The reason being, sitting on your wallet creates an imbalance that distorts your pelvis and hips, placing stress on your hip joint and lower back. Eventually, you could compress the sciatic nerve which translates to pain. Most medical professionals agree that sitting on your wallet is a bad idea.

Trayvax front pocket wallet in use

The Rise of Front Pocket Wallets

The obvious solution is to get your wallet out of your back pocket. However, most of your traditional wallets are too thick and bulky to comfortably place into a front pocket. That being said, the need for a new style of wallet arose. People needed something that was slim and lightweight and could easily fit into a front pocket.

At the same time, people were also looking for added security. It’s much more difficult for a pickpocket to steal your wallet out of your front pocket. Also, many manufacturers started adding RFID protection for added security.

Types of Front Pocket Wallets

Slim front pocket wallets: Front pocket wallets need to be easy to access and slim enough to place into a front pocket. That means the George Costanza wallet, ain’t gonna work. Instead, front pocket wallets tend to sport a slim and minimalist design, similar to the Trayvax Contour.

Metal front pocket wallets: Many front pocket wallets feature metal plates. These plates help to secure the contents of the wallet into a compact form, making it easier to slip into your pocket. The Trayvax Original combines anodized aluminum and cold-rolled steel to protect your cash and cards.


Leather front pocket wallets: Many people are used to their traditional leather wallets. Trayvax takes a modern spin on the classic leather wallet with their Element line. The Element is slim enough to fit into a front pocket but utilizes top-grain oil-tanned leather for a more traditional look.

RFID-blocking front pocket wallets: Most front pocket wallets these days are incorporating some type of RFID protection. The Trayvax Armored Summit is no different. It features a steel plate on the front and back of the wallet to protect you from RFID-skimming thieves.

Front pocket wallets are great for cutting out the bulk, improving back problems and for added security. Who doesn’t want all that? 


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