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Top Four Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2020

Days are getting longer, afternoons hotter and before we can say “roasting marshmallows by the campfire” summer will be here. Today is the beginning of May, did you know where the month of May gets its name?

May gets its name from the Greek Goddess Maia, who is the goddess of fertility and spring. Appropriate for the growth and increase we see during this month.That must be why Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May every year. The women in our lives nurture us into the men and women we eventually become. It is only right that we respectfully show our appreciation with signs of admiration. 

Conveniently we comprised four gift ideas for you to find the perfect gift. Trayvax makes more than minimalist wallets for men, keep an eye out for more women specific products coming in 2020!


Featured Product: Roam Clutch

Is it a Clutch or a Purse?

Introducing the first product that we designed for the modern on-the-go woman. The Roam Clutch is available in both the Clutch and the Mini ClutchThe Mini is a fraction smaller and does not have the convenient cell phone slot on the back of the clutch.

The Roam Clutch offers card slots for your debit card to your library card, leaving nothing behind. A soft wool interior lines a large internal pocket making the Clutch our biggest minimalist wallet to date. The four attachment points are accompanied by the option of a wristlet or shoulder strap. This wallet can still fit into your front pocket, which may leave your Mother questioning: is the Roam a purse, wallet or clutch? 


Featured Product: Renegade

The Renegade was not created for an intended gender but we have received boastful reviews from females raving about this product. Though basic in layout, this durable minimalist wallet provides extra room for business cards, lip balm and loose change. 

The Renegade pairs great with our Roam clutch conveniently fitting snugly inside. Personally, I have gifted my sister the Roam Clutch and the Renegade. She uses the combination together, loving the organization each separate slot provides.

Link Lanyard: A Great Combo Gift

At Trayvax we pride ourselves in creating products that are durable, purposeful and collaborate with other Trayvax products. The best example of this is our Link Lanyard combined with any of our products that offer an attachment point. 

The custom carabiner is designed to adhere to attachments for security and ease of travel. There was an unexpected confidence I found in attaching my keys and Contour wallet together. Knowing my everyday carry essentials are attached takes away the stress of finding one or the other if misplaced. The EDC Link Lanyard Available in mil-spec nylon or top-grain leatherwhich style fits your Mom’s personality?

Featured Product: Trek Knife

When buying a thoughtful gift for someone it is wise to consider their lifestyle. What does your Mother do for fun? Does she spend a good amount of time in the kitchen prepping meals for the family, or is Mom more of the outdoorsy type? The new Trek Knife has been one of my favorite products that I never knew I needed.

The skeletonize blade provides a lightweight design that is great for backpacking or preparing food. Without a handle the knife is a breeze to clean and will not build up food or dirt. The knife is cut by our CNC-machine from a single piece of CPM S35VN stainless steel. This provides an incredible durability for years to come. 

As a company we pride ourselves in knowing that our products were built to last the test of time. That is why we confidently support all our products with a 65-year Heirloom Warranty. When purchasing the knife on, you will have the option of a Combo Right or Combo Left. This corresponds with left or right handed, hence, I choose the Combo Right because I am right-handed.


Any kind gesture you choose we are sure your Mother will love it. During these undetermined times, take the opportunity to send a gift or something as simple as a phone call. We appreciate your continued support & hope that your Mom enjoys her new Trayvax gear!


Brian Zig - Trayvax Content Creator
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