Top 4 Best Minimalist Wallets for Men in 2021

Top 4 Best Minimalist Wallets for Men in 2021

If you don’t carry wads of cash every day, there’s no reason to keep a big and bulky wallet in your pocket. If your credit cards and an extra $40 are all you need, you should consider switching to something slimmer.

It’s time to get over over-stuffing your pocket with our top five minimalist wallets for men:

#1 Tumi Delta Slim Wallet

Tumi’s slim wallet from their Delta collection is classic and clean. Made of full-grain leather, it flaunts an all-black aesthetic that goes with any look. It even has RFID-blocking technology to protect your personal data.

#2 Trayvax Ascent Wallet

The Trayvax Ascent Wallet is what you need to carry everything you need. Crafted using Horween leather, this minimalist leather wallet lets you carry as many as seven credit cards, along with five folded bills. It gets rid of the bulk so that you can comfortably carry it in your front or back pocket.

#3 Wally iPhone Wallet

Want to make sure you never lose your wallet? Stick it to the back of your smartphone with Wally’s iPhone Wallet, a sleek minimalist leather wallet with a twist. Just make sure you don’t misplace your phone...

#4 Royce New York Organizer

Think passport holders can’t be compact? Royce’s New York Organizer offers enough space for your cash, cards, coins, passport, and other accessories. Unlike the typical bi-fold passport holder, this eliminates the bulk so that you can conveniently stuff it in your pocket or luggage.


When it comes to wallets, smaller is better. So, if you’re planning on buying a brand-new wallet, choose one that’s compact enough to fit the cards and cash you actually need. You don’t have to carry all of your cash with you -- that’s why we have banks!

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