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The Trayvax Contour: Rugged & Refined

Meet the Trayvax Contour: a wallet designed to suit the workweek and outdoor weekend adventure. Unlike other wallets, the Contour features a slim profile and minimalist carry with no room for nonsense.

Stash your cash beneath the innovative folding leather enclosure in the back and your cards beneath the quick-access strap in the front. Crack open a bottle by the beach with the convenient opener on the front. Like all of our other wallets, the Contour offers RFID resistance and is handmade entirely in the USA.

Despite being recently launched, we won’t be putting the Contour in the mail until September. We’ve set up a campaign on Indiegogo to fundraise for the machinery we need to make it a reality.

See the campaign here and be one of the first to get your hands on a Contour.


  • joe papaleday June 23

    have to buy one you made on my birth

  • James

    I simply love the Trayvax Contour, it helps protect my cards for bending and it looks damn cool. So far I haven’t seen anyone in Singapore using the contour. Hopefully, someone from my country reads this review and order from you guys. BTW this is a quality made American Product.


    The contour is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a wallet for years. I thought my Trayvax elliment was as good as it gets but I really want the Trayvax Contour!

  • Evan

    Not currently able to order the contour on here or on indiegogo. Can I order one somehow?

  • Mallorie E.

    Hey guys! The Contour is only available via Indiegogo at this time. If you’d like to own one, support us there!

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