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Black Axis Wallet Surrounded By Everyday Carry Gear

Jump on any social media and search “everyday carry” or #EDC and you’re sure to come across hundreds of photos of the things people are carrying around on a day to day basis. Besides social media, there’s a website called Everyday Carry, which recently featured the Black Edition Element, and a community on Reddit devoted to it.

Trayvax Axis wallet surrounded by edc gear

Back in April of last year, Bernard Capulong, editor in chief and one of the pros at Everyday Carry, described the EDC phenomenon as “the things you tap your pockets for before you head out the door, the things you feel naked without, and the things that would throw off your whole day if you had to do without them. They are especially valuable, and not just in a monetary or sentimental way. Your everyday carry is comprised of items that you find truly essential.”

At first glance, the photos that people make are neatly arranged items that they would use in any number of situations. Preparedness is one of the central ideas behind much of what gets carried, whether it’s a multitool, knife, flashlight or other component.

So how does Trayvax fit into all of this? We want you to know that it is our objective to make wallets that are tough enough to be apart of your everyday carry. We want you to use them in any number of situations and feel prepared for whatever comes your way. That’s why we use metal instead of a flimsy fabric; it’s why we choose American-sourced leather instead of a cheaper, outsourced alternative.

We build wallets for your everyday carry for life.

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