Earn Your Story

Earn Your Story
A few of us got together for pizza one day after work. As we were sitting there around the table, we got to talking about how incredibly lucky we are to make something people will carry with them everyday and eventually for years of their lives. We began to imagine the adventures people will go on, the life events the wallets would inevitably be there for and the duration of our products’ lifespan.
With your wallet and other pieces of your everyday carry, with the adventures that you go on, the friends you make and the life you lead, you earn your story. We hope that you’ll take a Trayvax wallet along on that journey.
When you think about it, a wallet is an intimate accessory. It safeguards your money - cards and cash - and your identity in a virtual way. (Read about RFID protection here.) Your wallet is a reflection of your aesthetic and what you value.
At Trayvax, we’re inspired by products that are built to withstand the test of time. Think of an old chest or an heirloom table. Despite years of wear and tear, these are items that will weather the years and only grow in value. This is what we strive to offer our customers. As you carry an Element, it’ll develop a beautiful sheen, a patina, a reminder of the rich history of the product’s lifespan. Our other wallets may become scratched or tarnished, but you can continue to count on them to do their job.
Just like you choose the wallet you carry through your day to day, you make decisions and actively choose your reality everyday. We believe that in your choices, you earn your legacy. In your decisions, you earn your story.

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