How your wallet could spare you a ticket

How your wallet could spare you a ticket

Recently, Jason G. reached out to us to let us know that his Original spared him a ticket. As he was pulling out his license, the cop noticed his unique, metal wallet and asked him about it.

Fifteen minutes later, Jason was on his way without a ticket despite going 83mph in a 55mph zone.

According to Jason, the cop said, "I tell you what, your wallet is bad @$% so I'm going to let you go, but slow down." And then the cop asked where he could get one.

Right here, sir!

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That honestly happened to me as well in Charlottesville, Va! I wasnt speeding but my inspection sticker was was dead and way over due and was pulled over. Pulled out my wallet after the officer asked for id. He asked if it was the wallet he kept seeing all over facebook (where i seen it as well) and asked to see it, He loved it and said he was going to buy one and sent me on my way with out a ticket! So thank you Trayvax for such a great wallet!

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