Stylish and Simple: Three Best Minimalist Wallet Brands for Women 2021

Stylish and Simple: Three Best Minimalist Wallet Brands for Women 2021

Many people assume that women don’t use minimalist leather wallets, but instead use large clutches to carry all of their things. For a while, wallets were huge, but we’ve circled back to when wallets were less “in-your-face”.

But with so many brands out there, choosing one wallet can be a challenge. To help you take your pick, we’ve narrowed down the best minimalist wallet brands for women.

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#1 Travelambo

Travelambo has a wide variety of bi-fold wallets for women. Crafted using wax leather, their RFID-blocking wallets flaunt feminine colors such as champagne pink and rose gold. Their minimalist wallets are in the $14 to $16 price range, but their large-capacity clutches cost around $25.

#2 Trayvax

Trayvax takes the lead when it comes to design and durability. The brand is best known for its slim money clip wallets, such as the Trayvax Contour. While most of their wallets look masculine, the brand has recently released minimalist leather wallets for women. We particularly love the Trayvax Roam Mini Clutch.

#3 Herschel

Herschel is known for its high-quality fabric wallets. The brand’s minimalist wallets for women are the perfect choice for people who bring nothing but the basics. And since Herschel is the home of adventure-seekers, their wallets feature RFID-blocking technology. Herschel’s prices are very varied, but you can expect to pay around $21.99 for a card case.


If you think women don’t want minimalist wallets, think again. With handbags getting smaller and smaller, women need wallets that they don’t have to force inside!

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