The Lowdown on Why the Rich Use Long Business Card Wallets

The Lowdown on Why the Rich Use Long Business Card Wallets

Have you ever wondered why the rich carry long, checkbook-like wallets instead of bi-fold wallets for men? They usually tuck it away in the front pocket of their pants or inside their suit. But since long wallets are, well, long -- wouldn’t that make them more inconvenient than ideal?

Let’s look at some of the reasons why the rich use long wallets:

#1 Long wallets help you manage your money.

Long minimalist wallets for men can do something that others can’t -- they let you carry your cash unfolded. Not only does this give the impression of being well-groomed, but being able to see your bills helps you handle your finances better. That’s probably why rich people stay rich!

#2 Long wallets look presentable.

Bi-fold wallets look big and bulky, especially when you slip them into your side pocket. On the other hand, long minimalist wallets for men like the Trayvax Explorer Passport Wallet never look overloaded. You can carry as many cards with you, and your wallet will still look presentable.

#3 Long wallets can hold as many cards as possible.

What do rich people have more than the average person? Well, aside from more zeroes in their bank account, they have more credit cards. The average American has four credit cards, so you can expect rich people to have two (or even three) times more than that! To carry all of their cards, they’d need a long RFID-blocking wallet for men.


Take a page from the rich person’s book. Since they’re using long minimalist wallets for men for all the right -- and logical -- reasons, so should we!

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As a business man who travels at least a week a month I find carrying a long wallet gives me a sense of extra security.
I can go days without having to pull it out because I also carry a money clip.

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