Why People Think Women Don’t Use Wallets

Why People Think Women Don’t Use Wallets

This may be hard to believe, but someone on Reddit asked why women don’t use wallets, when in fact, women do use wallets. This, however, got us thinking -- why do some people think that women don’t use a wallet? Where do they think women carry their cash and cards?

Here are a few reasons why they might think that:

#1 Women’s wallets don’t look like wallets.

When shopping for minimalist wallets for men, you won’t see wallets in fun and funky patterns… unless you’re shopping for a ten-year-old. Men’s wallets are serious, while women’s wallets can be classic, whimsical, or a bit of both.

Plus, unlike bi-fold wallets for men, women’s wallets look less like standard wallets and more like clutches. Take for example the Trayvax Roam Mini Clutch -- it has the form and function of a wallet, but its strap elevates its style, turning into a cross between a sling bag and a clutch. Women’s wallets also have keychain accessories to add a dash of flair.

#2 Women use multiple wallets.

Some women swap their wallets for something that matches their outfits. For everyday wear, women usually go for something simple such as a minimalist leather wallet. Its size doesn’t have to be that small, since they store it in their handbags, anyway.

For dates and formal events, women usually have to switch to a smaller wallet -- one that’s slim enough to squeeze into their purses. In this scenario, women usually don’t carry cash. That’s why they use credit card cases instead.

Contrary to popular belief, women do carry their cash and cards in a wallet. Although their wallets may not be as “serious” as men’s wallets, they still have the same purpose.

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