Reasons Why Quality Pocket Knives Are So Expensive

Reasons Why Quality Pocket Knives Are So Expensive

The adage, “you get what you pay for,” is based on truth. Would you rather have a dull knife that’ll break off in a block of wood, or a sharp knife that’ll stand up to anything you want to cut? In this article, we’ll explain why quality pocket knives, like our Trayvax Trek, are so expensive.

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Drawbacks of Cheap Knives

You could buy a pocket knife for under $20 at any big-box store. Something that cheap, though, tends to be riddled with problems.

They tend to be duller than more expensive knives. This means that they’ll require more force to cut through things. Unfortunately, that can be dangerous. The knife can slip easier, and the extra force has to go somewhere. And not only can they start duller, they can lose their sharpness faster too. You could cut through some rope one day, but not the next.

To make matters worse, they’re also considerably more brittle than higher-quality knives. If you use one the wrong way, you may find the blade embedded in what you were just cutting. Or worse, you may find metal shards where your inexpensive blade used to be.

Fortunately, with a high-quality Trayvax Trek, this won’t be a problem. It’s a sharp, durable knife. The sheath is strong too, made of the same leather as many of our tactical wallets.  Like all of our products, they’re built to last.

Benefits of More Expensive Knives

A quality, higher-priced knife has many benefits. For instance, do you want a knife that’ll fit nicely on a tactical webbing belt? The Trek’s sheath was made for that. It’s a great blade for almost every need, too.

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If you need something versatile, an expensive knife can be that for you. Some knives have other tools, like screwdrivers or corkscrews. A few knives offer up to 73 different tools. But most pocket knives don’t need that many fancy bells and whistles. They’re just versatile on their own. Take our Trek knife, for instance. It can cut up some sausage for dinner, then move on to cutting paracord for some extra handle grip. The next morning, you can cut back some annoying brush to get back on the trail. And through it all, it’ll stay sharp.

Where a cheap knife may feel flimsy, greasy, or too soft in the hand, a high-quality knife will feel like an extension of your arm. The Trayvax Trek feels this natural due to its lightweight and skeletonized handle. If you’re not a fan of the handle, you could scale it or wrap it in paracord with no drop in performance. However you decide to hold it, the Trek won’t be flimsy or unwieldy.

More Pros and Cons

When you get a knife for cheap, you have no idea where it came from. With a more expensive knife, you know its entire history. A Trayvax Trek, for instance, is made right here in the United States. Your money will be kept in the country, helping out the national economy. And the shipping is faster, easier, and less harsh on the environment than when you buy a cheap knife from somewhere else. And if you need to replace those cheap knives, that means more money leaving the country and more shipping.


Another reason you might want a cheaper knife is because you need it immediately. Quality knives take time to make and ship, while you can just go to your local outdoor store to get a knife for a few dollars. Convenience tends to come at a price, though. That knife you picked up for your last-minute camping trip might not last the whole time.

Worst of all, a cheap knife might have harmful materials in it, such as lead paint on the handle. Now, you won’t be chewing on the handle of a knife, but the paint could rub off and get into your body that way. Higher-quality knives don’t have this problem, because of the standards they’re made to. The only harmful material in them is the sharp metal, and you already knew that risk. Keep yourself safe, spring for a quality knife.

In Conclusion

There are many reasons high-quality knives are expensive, but they all boil down to one thing: the very quality they tout. They’re more durable and safer than cheap knives, feel better in the hand, and you know where they’re coming from. So get what you pay for with a good knife, like a Trek.

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