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Reasons You Should Choose Glass Bottles Over Plastic

Reasons You Should Choose Glass Bottles Over Plastic

Everyone has preferences on how they drink their water. Some people like it at room temperature, others prefer it a few degrees above freezing. But some preferences are better than others, like glass bottles over plastic. They’re longer-lasting, better for the environment, won’t leach strange chemicals into your water, and your water will taste better.

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Glass is Environmentally Friendlier

The biggest reason to prefer glass bottles over plastic ones is because of the environmental effects of plastic. It never breaks down, so it’ll be in a landfill, or worse, the ocean, until the end of time. Animals could eat it, which could make them sick or kill them. And worse, it’ll eventually shred itself into microplastics. These accumulate in food products, and people, but the health effects aren’t yet known. You can avoid adding to the problem with a glass bottle. Glass is also resistant to breaking down, but at least it won’t shred into microscopic bits.

Glass is easier to recycle than plastic, too. When plastic is recycled, a lot of it is unusable. It could be the wrong type of plastic, or it could’ve been used too many times. But melting it down and recycling it makes a lot of toxic chemicals. Glass, on the other hand, is melted and recycled quickly and easily, and it won’t pollute the air to do so. The only hard part is remembering to recycle it when you’re done with it.

Better for Your Health

When exposed to heat, plastic water bottles can leach chemicals into the water that’s in them. This can lead to health problems in the heart, lungs, and stomach. Some types can even increase the risk of cancer. Glass, on the other hand, can be heated or chilled with no strange chemicals being added to your drinking water.  It can stay in your car with the only problem being the water itself getting warm. And while that may be a bit off-putting, it won’t hurt you. Do be careful, though, as the sun shining through glass and water can start fires. It can warm up, but keep it out of the sun.

To make matters worse, plastic is porous. It can hold onto germs from the water or your mouth, which could make you sick after repeated use. Glass isn’t porous, so there’s nowhere for bacteria to hide. You just need to wash it every few uses, and it’ll be clean and germ-free.

Glass Lasts Longer

Plastic, especially PET plastic, weakens over time. You might find your reused water bottle leaking or holes opening in them. Glass bottles don’t tend to have that sort of issue. There might be a crack or shatter if you drop them, but if they’re taken care of, your water will stay in the bottle until you drink it.

Have you ever thrown out a water bottle because it makes your water taste bad? With a glass water bottle, that isn’t a problem. The chemicals and bacteria that make the water taste bad, as previously stated, aren’t present in glass bottles. All you need to do is wash it now and again. Your water will taste great!

Other Comparisons

Plastic may be lighter, and easier to hang off a clip-on keychain, but that light weight is exactly what makes it so flimsy and hard to recycle. Glass is heavier, but with that weight comes quality.  Glass can also be more expensive than plastic, but again, that’s because of the heavier weight and higher quality.

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For a plastic bottle that has durability and thickness like glass, look in the same place you buy your favorite tactical wallets right here at Trayvax! Our Nalgene water bottle is dishwasher-safe, won’t crack easily, and is great for both warm and cold beverages. If you decide to choose plastic over glass, we’re here for you. We even have three fun colors to choose from: Juniper, Charcoal and clear. Pick what works best.

In Conclusion

For your health, and the health of the environment, you should choose glass bottles. They don’t break down into microplastics and are easily recycled. Glass isn’t made with BPA or other chemicals that could leach into the water you drink from it, and it’s non-porous. Germs have nowhere to hide. And glass is built to last. But so are Trayvax products, so if you still want to use plastic, our durable and easily cleaned Nalgene water bottle is for you. Give a Trayvax product a try.

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