Passport Holders: Do You Actually Need Them?

Passport Holders: Do You Actually Need Them?

When traveling, what should you protect at all costs? Your passport.

It is extremely important to have your passport with you at all times. Unfortunately, keeping it close is a risk in itself. You will likely have to take it out to pay for tickets and the like, and if you aren’t careful, you could end up losing it for good. Fortunately, however, there are ways to protect your passport, such as using a passport case.

What is a passport case?

A passport case protects your passport. It looks similar to a men’s notebook wallet. Aside from storing your passport, the passport cover can also accommodate travel documents such as itineraries and boarding passes. Passport cases are usually as slim as a bi-fold wallet for men because they’re designed to be slipped discreetly into a bag.

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Why do you need a passport holder?

Below, you will find the benefits of putting your passport in a passport case.

#1 It protects your passport from wear and tear

Even if you’re being extra careful, the unexpected can happen. You can accidentally drop your passport in a puddle. Your passport can get damaged when it’s stored along with your gear. What can happen will happen. With a passport case, on the other hand, your passport will be protected from wear and tear. So, in case you accidentally spill your beverage on your passport, the cover will act as a protective barrier.

#2 It helps you locate your passport easily

How many times have you held up the line at the airport because you had to fumble around your bag? You need to find your passport but it’s buried in your bag. And when you think you’ve finally found it, it ends up being your bi-fold wallet for men. Passports look strikingly similar to wallets, so you’ll need to wrap them in something that will make them stand out.

#3 It doubles as a wallet

Want to save space? Passport covers can also hold credit cards, vaccination documents, etc. so you no longer have to stuff your bag with, well, stuff. So, instead of taking out your wallet and passport, you can simply take out your passport case since it’s all there. This can speed up the check-in process at hotels, airports, and so on.

#4 It protects your personal information

Your personal information (e.g. name, address, etc.) is written in the radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips within your passport. This innovation is convenient for airport security, as it allows them to scan your data at a faster rate. However, it also comes with the risk of RFID skimming, wherein criminals attempt to steal your data wirelessly. Fortunately, passport cases, like RFID wallets, have RFID blockers to keep your data safe.

#5 It conceals your passport

Pickpockets can spot your passport from afar. After all, passports -- regardless of the country of origin -- do have a distinct cover. By concealing your passport in a case, pickpockets will think it’s something else, such as a simple notebook. Since a notebook isn’t as valuable as a passport, they’ll move on. That’s why you should purchase a passport case that doesn’t have the word “passport” written across the cover.

What’s the best passport holder you can buy?

If you aren’t sure which passport holder to purchase, you should start by considering what you want in one. Some passport covers come as a mere sleeve, while others look like notebooks where you can stash your cash, cards, and receipts. So, if you’re in the market for something that can keep more items, opt for a passport case that has plenty of compartments.

The Trayvax Explorer Wallet  is everything that a passport wallet should be. From afar, the Explorer looks like any other front pocket wallet. Crafted from fine leather, it offers a classic finish that’s comparable to a classic bi-fold. When you open it, however, you will find that it offers plenty of room for your cards, cash, and of course, your passport. That way, you’ll have everything you could ever need for travel.

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Alternatively, you could buy a passport case from Travelon in case leather isn’t your style. Travelon is a household name when it comes to travel essentials, so you can be confident that their passport cases and RFID wallets are effective.


To find a stylish passport cover that’ll never let you down, visit trayvax.com today. We have a wide selection of carefully crafted wallets and passport cases that you’ll love. We can even engrave your travel accessories for an additional layer of security.

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