Passport Holders: Do You Actually Need Them?

Passport Holders: Do You Actually Need Them?

When on the go, one thing you should never lose is your passport. Yet, holding onto it can be a challenge. In this guide, we'll explore the benefits of passport cases and how they can help.

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When traveling, what should you protect at all costs? Your passport.

Your passport is your best friend while traveling. But safeguarding it can be a challenge. Losing it can cause a lot of trouble. Luckily, a passport case can be a great solution.

What is a passport case?

A passport case guards your passport. It looks like a men’s notebook wallet. It can hold your passport and travel documents. Passport cases are designed to slip easily into a bag.

explorer passport

Why do you need a passport holder?

Here are some reasons to use a passport case:

#1 It protects your passport from wear and tear

Mishaps can occur anytime. A passport case protects your passport from damage. If you spill something on it, the cover acts as a shield.

#2 It helps you locate your passport easily

Finding your passport in your bag can be a pain. Passport cases help your passport stand out. No more mistaken identity with your wallet.

#3 It doubles as a wallet

Want to save space? Passport cases can hold cards and other documents. This can make check-in processes faster and easier.

#4 It protects your personal information

Your passport has RFID chips with your personal information. But this can be misused. Passport cases have RFID blockers to keep your data safe.

#5 It conceals your passport

Pickpockets can spot passports easily. By using a case, your passport looks like something else, making it less attractive to thieves.

What’s the best passport holder you can buy?

Looking for a passport holder? Think about what you want in one. Some hold more items. For more storage, choose a case with compartments.

The Trayvax Explorer Wallet is a great pick. It looks like a front pocket wallet, but holds your passport and more.

passport explorer

Another option is Travelon if you prefer a non-leather style. Known for their travel gear, Travelon's passport cases are reliable.


Find a stylish, reliable passport cover at trayvax.com. We offer a wide range of wallets and passport cases. We even offer custom engraving for added security.

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