4 Clever Ways to Protect Your Credit Card in Your Wallet

Renegade Leather Zipper Wallet For Your Credit Cards & Cash

Finding out that you’ve been a victim of credit card fraud can be a nightmare. Disputing credit card charges can be a long process. Not only that, but you also have to go through the stress of having to constantly check your account.

Aside from keeping your front pocket wallet in, well, your front pocket, here are some practical tips to make sure that your wallet is protected at all times:

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#1 Buy an RFID-Blocking Wallet

If your credit card was recently issued, chances are that it uses a contactless payment system.  With a contactless credit card, you don’t need to swipe it to process your payment. It relies on radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology that allows the transaction to be completed wirelessly. It is convenient, but it also puts your credit card at risk of RFID skimming. This is when criminals try to steal the data that’s written on your credit card with a scanner.

The good news is that an RFID-blocking wallet can keep your credit card/s secure. RFID-blocking wallets block the electromagnetic field so that scanners can’t obtain a signal from your credit card.

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Worried that your wallet will get lost? Keep it close by clipping it to your belt loop using a carabiner clip keychain. That way, pickpockets won’t be able to get away with your front pocket wallet. The Trayvax Keyton Clip comes with a carry loop that’s crafted from fine leather, which comes in classic colors, so it always goes with what you’re wearing.

#2 Buy a pocket-sized RFID blocker

If you don’t want to trade your traditional wallet for an RFID-blocking wallet, opt for an RFID blocker that you can slip into your pocket. Some brands sell RFID cards that reduce the signal emitted from the reader. All you need to do is to place the RFID blocker beside the credit card and you won’t have to worry about RFID skimmers. Keep in mind that some RFID blockers can be thick, so you’ll likely need a larger or longer wallet like the Trayvax Renegade Zipper Wallet.

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#3 Create a shield out of foil

This is the low-tech alternative to protecting your credit card in your wallet. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you can try out this “hack”. Cut a piece of cardboard into two pieces, and wrap them in aluminum foil. Then, place your credit card in between the two pieces -- as if you were sandwiching it. This should disrupt the signal coming from the scanner or reader.

#4 Erase the security code

The security code or the Card Verification Value (CVV) is the three-digit number on your credit card. It can be found beside the area for your signature. This code is used for online shopping as you won’t be able to process your payment without it. The code is also used by merchants to ensure that the cardholder was really the one who clicked “check-out”. In other words, the code is used to ensure that nothing suspicious is going on.

Unfortunately, when credit cards are stolen, the new “cardholder” has access to the credit card number and code. Hence, you should consider scratching out the security code. Write it down on a piece of paper -- but don’t keep it in your front pocket wallet. Hide it at home.

What’s the best RFID-blocking wallet in the market?

The best way to protect your credit cards in your wallet is by buying an RFID-blocking card case. Don’t know where to start looking? You’re in luck. Here are the best RFID-blocking wallets in the market:

Best Leather RFID-Blocking Wallet: Trayvax Ascent Wallet

When people think of RFID-blocking wallets, they think of wallets that lack form. Fortunately, that isn’t the case with the Trayvax Ascent Wallet. The Ascent masterfully combines form and function, creating an RFID-blocking wallet that you can take anywhere, whether it’s to work or to drink. It’s a versatile wallet that provides the protection your credit cards need.

Best Metal RFID-Blocking Wallet: Trayvax Contour Wallet

The Trayvax Contour Wallet isn’t just another RFID-blocking wallet. It’s a piece of art. It’s constructed using premium metals and leather, which makes it extremely durable. You won’t have to worry about it breaking after using it for just a few months. It’ll last for years. Even decades.


With the rise in credit card fraud, it’s more important than ever to protect your credit cards. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to do that, from investing in a quality RFID-blocking wallet to crafting a DIY shield out of foil. Whatever method you choose, just ensure that you're always on your guard, especially in crowded places where pickpockets often lurk.

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Kirsten Dangler

Kirsten Dangler

I’ve heard that rfid wallets and covers don’t work. They can still get your card number.
Wouldn’t it be better to have a two-step access on your account? Meaning for instance, I can access my bank account on line, on my phone etc. I have to put in my password and then I am sent a number that needs to be plugged in to access the account.


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