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Best Men’s Wallets Made in the USA: Buyer’s Guide 2021

Best Men’s Wallets Made in the USA: Buyer’s Guide 2021

When it comes to leather wallets, nothing can compare to minimalist wallets made in the USA. The country isn’t a newcomer to the leathercraft trade. America started to participate in the trade centuries ago, and it continues to be practiced to this date. In fact, the country has become an industry leader, designing some of the most notable wallets in the world. And according to a recent report, the leather market in the USA is estimated to be at $10.3 billion, while globally, the market is estimated to be at $53.8 billion. That goes to show that American-made wallets make a large part of the global market.

And it’s no wonder why. Companies have put their own innovative spin on their wallets -- some have even merged materials such as metal into their leather goods.

If you’re in the market for a front pocket wallet that was crafted in America, choosing one can be a difficult task. That’s why we’ve prepared a roundup of the top American brands for men’s leather wallets:

#1 Ezra Arthur No. 6 Wallet

Ezra Arthur is an all-American brand that handcrafts the finest leather wallets. Founded by four brothers in honor of their grandfather Ezra Arthur, the brand makes keepsakes from high-quality materials by hand. All of their wallets use leather that is sourced in Chicago and St. Louis. One of their best bi-fold wallets for men would have to be the No. 6. It is crafted from leather -- and only leather. Although it is a bit pricey, it is incredibly durable. Ezra Arthur’s wallets will last a lifetime.

#2 North Star Leather Money Divider Wallet

North Star Leather has been crafting fine leather goods since 1969. The company takes pride in making wallets from fine cowhide leather. North Star Leather’s Money Divider Wallet comes with a secret compartment where you can stash your cash. This minimalist leather wallet also has four card slots and an additional display window. Plus, you can return it to North Star Leather in case it needs repairs -- free of charge for the first year!

#3 Mr. Lentz Biker Wallet

If you want to buy a wallet that has “cowboy” aesthetics, your best bet is Mr. Lentz. The brand was founded in 2011 by none other than Mr. Lentz, who started by crafting fine leather goods by hand. He uses premium materials, such as solid brass hardware and full-grain leather which he sources from the top tanneries in the country. With the Biker Wallet, you can keep your cards and cash close. It comes with a chain that can be attached to your belt or worn as a bag. Want to make sure that no one steals it? You can press your initials into the leather. The best part is that the brand’s minimalist leather wallets start at $60 -- not bad if you’re looking for a budget-friendly wallet.

#4 Andar Wallets Apollo

Think leather wallets can’t look contemporary? Think again. Founded in 2015, Andar is well-known for its wide range of leather goods, particularly its wallets which were initially created to carry EDC. Since then, Andar has released several innovative bi-fold wallets such as the Andar Apollo. Crafted from “Crazy Horse Leather” or saddle leather, the Apollo offers a soft feel and a slim profile. As a money clip wallet, it comes with an elastic tab to reveal five card slots and an interior money clip. Surprisingly, Andar’s wallets are low-priced -- the Apollo comes at a mere $59.99 despite its durable craftsmanship.

#5 Trayvax Element Wallet

Since 2013, Trayvax has been designing some of the slimmest wallets in the US, such as the Trayvax Element Wallet. The Element isn’t entirely crafted from fine leather, however, it is a twist on the classic leather wallet. It is constructed with a stainless steel frame to create a slim profile, and then wrapped with Horween leather to create the appearance of a minimalist leather wallet.

keys element

Despite its size, this tactical wallet can keep up to ten cards organized. Who knew a combination of leather and metal could look so good?

Why should you buy a leather wallet made in the USA?

The answer is simple. The USA has some of the top tanneries in the world. Anyone who wants a long-lasting wallet will want to buy a wallet from an all-American brand. Leather that is sourced in the US is simply unparalleled.

Where can you buy the best leather wallets?

If you want to find the finest leather wallets, Trayvax has a great range of slim minimalist wallets that will suit your style. While you’re there, why don’t you also check out our keychain accessories to complete your look?

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