Our First Product in the Trayvax Women’s Line

Our First Product in the Trayvax Women’s Line

We’re pleased to introduce the first product in our women’s line, the Epiphany Clutch. The team has been hard at work creating prototypes and concepts of women’s wallets and handbags that still capture the Trayvax aesthetic. It was no easy task, but we’re happy to report that we’ve designed a winner!

Epiphany Clutch Wallet by Trayvax

The Epiphany blends that fashionable, industrial Trayvax style with the function-driven designs that have come to embody all of our products. Constructed from a combination of elegant leather and polished stainless steel, the Epiphany offers a luxurious ruggedness that no other clutch can replicate. Whether it’s a night out on the town or an invigorating hike on the trail, this clutch won’t disappoint.

Beginning today, we are offering a pre-sale of the Epiphany Clutch. We only have 200 units to start, so the clutch will be available on a first-come, first served basis. The pre-sale ends on Friday, June 1st or while supplies last. We will begin shipping Epiphany clutches once the pre-sale ends.

Act now, we only have 200 available!

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