Trayvax Team Stories: Gerald

Trayvax Team Stories: Gerald

Every company needs a marketing team to lead improvements and better serve their customers. It's up to the marketing team to understand the needs of our customers so that the entire company can work towards a solution. No one understands this better than our resident ski patroller and marketing manager, Gerald Craft. Here is Gerald's Trayvax Team Story: 



Trayvax is a unique company. We can create our own innovative ideas and don't have to rely on other manufacturers.

We have customers that will make  recommendations for product improvements and we'll have customers that will make recommendations for just products in general and the great thing about that is we have engineering teams, product development teams, marketing teams that can take those product ideas and put together a concept and maybe even a prototype within 24 hours.

Trayvax Team Stories: Gerald

We had a lot of our Element customers asking if we could produce an Element wallet without the big bottle opener. They wanted something a little bit more sleek and more streamlined. The Ascent wallet was designed as the solution to that problem.

It's because of our customers that we are actually able to create new products and improve upon our current products. We have full control over our manufacturing processes, and we know where our products are coming from because we own that portion of the manufacturing process. 

Check out our new crowd funding page to see the latest customer ideas come to life:


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