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Talon Sei Edition Trayvax Ascent

"I found your stuff from Talon Sei" is a frequent comment we see on social media. We have been working with Talon for just over a year now and he has become our biggest influencer. He has reviewed nearly all of our gear and carries his custom Trayvax Contour daily. For all of the support, we decided to make a limited edition Talon Sei Ascent with his logo on the back. 

Talon's Limited Edition Trayvax

Thank you Talon for all of your support! To all of dedicated fans, here is your chance to own the Trayvax Ascent Talon Sei Edition!

We understand that everyone has been asking Talon several questions about our Trayvax products. Please post your comments here and we will do our best to answer everyone. 

Talon FAQ

"When is the Trayvax Link coming back?" Sadly the Trayvax Link lanyard was discontinued last summer due to several issues. We have taken the Link lanyard off the table until we can find affordable solutions.

Please post your comments with any other questions and we will update this section for everyone. 



  • Trayvax

    Hey James, the only limited edition Trayvax wallets we currently offer are the Burgundy Element and the Talon Sei Ascent.

  • Eleasin Gandarilla

    This wallet is awesome and cool to have thanks TRAYVAX and TALON.

  • James

    Are there any other limited edition Trayvax wallets out there?

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