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New Standard for the Trayvax Contour

Have you noticed the new changes to the Contour product page? The Contour, our refined minimalist wallet, is our most sought after model. We decided to save you some money, make the best Contour option the standard, and make it easy for you to choose which color combination you want!

Contour gets some changes

The Contour now comes with only one leather strap size. Our hand stitched leather was offered in both a regular and extended strap size. We eliminated the smaller size and made the extended strap the new standard. Now every Contour is made to hold up to 13 cards. 

To add more value to the new standard, we've dropped the price from $144.99 (old extended strap price) to $139.99 (new standard price).

The new product page also makes it easy for you to choose which stainless steel plate and leather strap color combination you want. You can now choose any of our four PVD coated plates with any of our four leather color options.



  • Theo Oktavian

    this Contour is remind me of Korben Dallas MultiPass in my favorite movie 5th Element, but its my whislist in this year Christmas, I still dreaming to have one

  • Marko Tuominen

    So in a way my current contour with the old regular strap is somewhat a collectible because it is not sold anymore :D I have to say this might be the most beautiful and functional wallet ever. I just hope I would’ve picked the gold color.

  • Eddie Hudson

    Ordered came in a few days .looks great feels great very small ,perfect minimalist wallet .Looks very sharp !

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