Gets a Facelift Starting with the Contour Gets a Facelift Starting with the Contour

The Contour web page recently received a face lift. We’re re-designing the entire website and have been hard at work for the last 9 months, designing templates, hammering out redlines and working with a great group of developers down in Seattle. After months of testing, we’re happy to launch the first page of our new website!

Travax Contour Screen Shot

For starters, we’ve added all of the Contour variations to one single page. No more hitting back on your browsers or scrolling through stacks of images. We’ve consolidated all of the Contour wallets onto one page and added a carousel of images, which makes it easier to see which variation you like best. On top of that, we’ve been working with a great local photographer to update all of our images so that you get crystal clear clarity when selecting your wallet.

As you scroll down the page, we’ve added beautiful lifestyle images and video content, so you can really get a feel of the wallet and its features. From the hand-stitched leather, to the durable stainless steel frame, we’ve designed this website to get you up close and personal with our products.

We’ve got a few more weeks before the remaining pages are ready, but after testing the Contour page, we wanted to turn it on and give you all a sneak peek of what’s to come. So please take a look at let us know what you think: Reply with your comments below. We hope you enjoy the new site!


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No fair!! Lol. I just got my burgundy contour. Tobacco brown on black would have been dope!



Love the new look and it’s simplicity. One thing, what happened to the obsidian frame and the Burgundy leather? As far as the new look to the web page, it’s a winner as far as my vote goes.

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