Limited Release Wallet - Burgundy Element Now Available!

Limited Release Wallet - Burgundy Element Now Available!

The Element wallet is one of our most popular products. Combining tanned and oiled leather with a unique stainless steel frame, we have offered this wallet in multiple enticing leather and steel choices. Now, we are introducing a new option. 

It’s our pleasure to announce that now for a limited time, the Element will be available with Burgundy leather!

Burgundy Element

The Burgundy option brings a new look and feel to this leather metal wallet. It’s a smooth style of leather with tanned and oiled treatment. The real leather allows it to mold to the perfect shape for your card and cash carrying needs.

With the same handmade quality and features that the Element wallets are known for, like up to 10 card carrying capacity, integrated money clip, RFID-protection, and 65-year Heirloom Warranty, this Burgundy alternative is an option that fans and collectors can be excited to own. Additionally, as with all of our products, this burgundy option is completely sourced and made in the USA.

Be the first to own this limited edition Burgundy Trayvax Element at the price of only $69.99. Place your order while supplies last!


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Tim Otto

Tim Otto

Just got mine the in mail, it’s gorgeous!

Now you need to offer the same color as keyton key-chains so I can update my Mississippi mud ones to match!

James W Henderson

James W Henderson


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